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The most Common Relationship Issues & Solutions

The two factors that primarily lead to relationship issues according to 2022 polling data are trust and communication. Navigating these issues in relationships is often ...
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What Makes InnerOptimal Unique?

Working with you at InnerOptimal to help you achieve your goal and create the life you deserve! Dr. Danielle Chavalarias. She has been passionate and ...
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Alcohol and your Brain

CAN YOU DRINK SMARTLY AND HOW TO PREVENT ALCOHOL FROM DAMAGING YOUR BRAIN AND BODY? Alcohol is often overlooked as a contributor to mental illness ...
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YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT YOU CAN HAVE A LEAKY BRAIN AND A LEAKY GUT, BOTH LEAK!  The blood-brain barrier protects sensitive brain ...
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Using Keto to Improve Brain Health/InnerOptimal

GO KETO DIET OR MEDITERRANEAN DIET? WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING? A keto diet is high in healthy fat, medium in protein, and low to very ...
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While brain imaging in ADHD patients shows variations in areas such as the amygdala and prefrontal cortex compared to typical people, these variations vary between ...
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