Why do we use Advanced Neurofeedback?

Advanced neurofeedback takes advantage of the brain’s natural dynamical learning processes by giving the brain the information it needs to do the work.

Advanced neurofeedback is a scientifically proven neuro-science technology.

This gently and surely enables the brain to function more efficiently by repairing damaged pathways, creating needed new pathways and more. Advanced neurofeedback naturally maximizes the brain’s innate capabilities of self-regulation, resilience and flexibility.

Since I began InnerOptimal brain training, I am less reactive to stressful situation, I feel more inner peace and more empathy.

I now feel less anxiety and I am able to think of the future.

 The added value of InnerOptimal

Dr. Danielle Chavalarias and Marie-Laure Wagner-Hunsaker have crafted a full program of brain training so you can take full advantage of Advanced Neurofeedback brain training.

Our expertise will help you evaluate yourself and understand your traumas and pains. With regular evaluations, additional exercises and recommendations, our holistic and natural approach is built for you to experience a best-in-class brain training without struggle. By choosing to work with InnerOptimal, you choose to move towards a brighter future and a happier life.

I feel so peaceful that I forgot how it was before to come to InnerOptimal.

I cannot believe how calm and peaceful I am. I did not even realize I had anxiety.

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