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How Advanced NeUrofeedback Works

How it Works

Read on and learn more about the secret to unlock your brain power to eliminate anxiety, sleep issues and to optimize your performance.

Below is a quick and easy process and description of how neurofeedback works and the steps your brain will go through to achieve optimal performance

Your brain is an organism that is constantly changing and creating neurological pathways.

This ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself is called Neuroplasticity. For example, if you start taking dance classes, your brain will create new connections and re-wire itself to help you learn new dance moves.

Your brain emits electrical signals that are linked to your specific abilities.

The advanced neurofeedback’s electrodes are placed on your head to measure and record these signals.When you experience anxiety, lack of sleep, “Brain fog” your brain signals will show specific patterns.

Here is the amazing part

When the advanced neurofeedback system sees that the electrical signals are out of their usual range or show distortion, a signal is emitted that the brain will interpret as "the brain signals are not working properly, please put it back into balance." Your brain literally trains itself. It chooses the area to train first depending on its needs. Why is this? Because the primary job to the brain is to constantly improve itself, no matter who you are!

Real-time training and feedback.

Real-time training and feedback. The advance neurofeedback records changes in your brain during the session and you get the results you deserve, drop anxiety, better sleep, more focus, stable mood.

Since I began InnerOptimal brain training, I am less reactive to stressful situations, I feel more inner peace and more empathy.

Laura U. New York

Why Use Advanced

Advanced neurofeedback takes advantage of the brain’s natural dynamical learning processes by giving the brain the information it needs to do the work.

Advanced neurofeedback is a scientifically proven neuro-science technology.

This gently and surely enables the brain to function more efficiently by repairing damaged pathways, creating needed new pathways and more. Advanced neurofeedback naturally maximizes the brain’s innate capabilities of self-regulation, resilience and flexibility.

The Added Value of

By choosing to work with InnerOptimal, you choose to move towards a brighter future and a happier life.

Our founders, Dr. Danielle Chavalarias and Marie-Laure Wagner-Hunsaker have crafted a full program of brain training so you can take full advantage of Advanced Neurofeedback brain training.

Our expertise will help you evaluate yourself and understand your traumas and pains. With regular evaluations, additional exercises and recommendations, our holistic and natural approach is built for you to experience a best-in-class brain training without struggle.

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