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Teens Thriving

5 Simple and effective tips to help your teen by happier & more successful

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Some of the challenges teens face:

suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress
0 %
of depressed teens are left untreated
0 %
12-13 year olds binge drink, and 5 million 16-17 year olds binge drink.
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Modern life with it all its hectic demands can be unbalanced and stressful.

Stress and mental health problems puts your child under pressure. Tight deadlines and AP exams increase the stress, and the pressure of social media and phones cause problems.

Studies show your child is at risk to develop negative mental habits.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Just imagine your child

  • Working at her/his highest potential with her/his stress gone
  • Thinking more clearly with less mood swing
  • Making better study decisions with rising grades

Advanced Neurofeedback can help your teen to achieve new levels of success. The good news, it is simple and effective!

Neurofeedback can Have a Huge impact On Your Teen

Neurofeedback training makes use of the brain’s amazing capacity for change – its ability to reshape how it works to help us meet any challenge. This well documented ability is called neuroplasticity. 



Neurofeedback identifies abnormalities in your brain signals (anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief/loss, etc.) and then creates a signal to fix the abnormal signal.

We disrupt it with helpful brain patterns

This disruption sends the brainwave back to normal pattern.


After regular neurofeedback sessions, the brain will be trained to stay within a normal, healthy pattern ON ITS OWN.

This can eliminate the abnormal signal.

The Key to success with
teens is:

When they are able to achieve these things, they will:

Neurofeedback Is a GeNTLE, Non-Invasive Therapy That Works

Our neurofeedback program has some incredible benefits and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Easy, Fast & Long Lasting

Our program is easy, non-invasive & effortless.This is NOT meditation.


Our non-invasive, easy training can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Tailored To You

After our individual assessment we create a highly effective custom program specific to you.

The Medical community is Finally Catching UP to what we have known for decades

Using the latest in advanced brain science tools, we can help you succeed and live the life you deserve. Our programs are 100% remote and accessible anywhere/anytime.


"All of that Anxiety Started to Go Away"

Liam Carr testifies about how our program helped him when he was 19 years old when he was experiencing extreme anxiety and uncertainty, 


Dr. Brynn, M.D. talks about how we’ve helped her son

Program Options

Gold Program
(Home-Based program)

Get a personalized training plan to achieve optimal performance, tailor-made and supervised by your personal neurofeedback expert.

Platinum Program

Get a personalized training plan to achieve optimal performance, tailor-made and supervised by your personal neurofeedback expert.

Established research

Over 400+ peer-reviewed studies have been published on the use of neurofeedback and have shown its efficacy with Sleep Issues, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Addiction, and more.

In each of our programs we take into consideration that each brain is different, and our program adapts to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Our programs are here to allow you to achieve better brain health. Mental health and behavioral challenges often have their roots in dysregulated brain activity. Our program can tackle the root of the problem by training the brain to better regulate itself. Every training program is supervised by a professional trainer to help you achieve optimal results.

Call us today or schedule a consultation and learn more about what is the best program for you.  Don’t wait to function at your best!

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