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How Your Brain Helps With Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

Overeating in the US 38% percent of adults say they have overeaten or eaten unhealthy foods in the past month because of stress. Almost half ...
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How To Drink Responsibly

More than one million people per year are admitted to hospitals due to alcohol-related injuries and illnesses.  Are you looking for a healthy brain plan? ...
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Alcohol and your Brain

CAN YOU DRINK SMARTLY AND HOW TO PREVENT ALCOHOL FROM DAMAGING YOUR BRAIN AND BODY? Alcohol is often overlooked as a contributor to mental illness ...
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A PICK IN YOUR BRAIN AND MOVEMENT! WHAT IMPACT MOVEMENT HAS ON YOUR BRAIN? The more you move, the smarter, happier, and younger your brain. ...
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How You Can Change Your Brain and Live a Happier and more Fulfilling Life!

You can change your brain for the better or worse by changing your thoughts! The power of positive thinking now has scientific proof! Dr. Jeffrey ...
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Dreams, experience them crystal clear!

Dreams are another subject that I’ve loved to study! Dreams can be simple “outlet” for your anxiety at this time of your life, but they ...
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