What Makes InnerOptimal Unique?

Working with you at InnerOptimal to help you achieve your goal and create the life you deserve!

Dr. Danielle Chavalarias. She has been passionate and helping people with the Power of the Mind and neuromodulation since 1968.

Marie-Laure Wagner-Hunsaker. Before she became a Peak Performance coach, for her Master’s in Sociology, she had been studying astronauts’ behavior in space and how by training our brain we can achieve success beyond our imagination. For her PhD, she went to the Star City in Moscow/Russia (Space Station) for the Space program French-Russia, while she was working with the CNES in France, known as the equivalent of the NASA in Europe. By following the astronauts’ space mission, she discovered the ability of the brain to increase its potential, if stimulated the right way.

See their bio for more details.

InnerOptimal was created in September 2006. Dr Danielle & Marie-Laure have been helping a wide variety of people with numerous health/wellness issues at their Encinitas location. Dr Danielle & Marie-Laure are doing continuous training and learning about how to help the brain more efficiently with Neurofeedback.

We help busy people of all ranges of age, youth, adults, and seniors, as well as Business Owners, recover from Anxiety, Panic attacks, Stress, Focus/ADHD, Sleep disorders, Mood issues/Depression, Memory/Cognitive Functions, Traumas/PTSD, and Loss and Grief. See our page Programs for more details.

Today the most effective and proven tool for change is Neurofeedback, particularly with tailored sessions specific to everyone’s brain’s needs, as provided by us.


How do we approach your personalized training?

A 90-minute in-depth evaluation using the latest state-of-the-art assessment tools scientifically recognized including a Neurofeedback session. These assessments can be done in our Encinitas office, over the phone, or via Zoom.

Assessments evaluate where you are at, (physically, emotionally, and mentally). We use a tool called QPM (Quantum Potential Measurement). The second part of this assessment is an evaluation of your cognitive functions and mood, the third is a neuro-electrical assessment of your brain.


We’ll create a program corresponding to your brain’s needs. The length of your program depends on your first evaluation.

During your “Brain training”, this program is revised regularly to make your experience more successful!

All brain programs need to be adjusted to your specific brain’s progress. These regular evaluations follow your brain’s progress and allow us to adapt your programs.

In each of our programs, either at our Center, on the go, or in the comfort of your own home, we take into consideration that each brain is unique, and our programs adapt to your unique strengths weaknesses, and lifestyle.


Neurofeedback is an extremely effective training tool to stimulate the brain’s capacity to achieve better brain balance. From this state of balance, Neurofeedback can encourage the brain to optimize its functioning.

Electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback therapy that measures and records brain waves. It is a “detection-information system” for your brain to recognize the origin/cause of any challenges you are experiencing.

Scientists have found that when your brain waves are in a certain range, you have no discomfort or sickness, like a lot of other things in life. Think of temperature level. If the heat is too high you feel uncomfortable, too low it can even threaten your life. Same thing for the blood sugar level or the blood tension like hypertension or heartbeats etc… There is a “range” when your body functions at its optimal and you feel great. When these conditions are “out of range” then you start to get into trouble.

What you need to know:

Your brain constantly emits brain waves, these brain waves are electrical. If you put your hands on your head you will not feel them because, in daily life, they are between zero, and 45 Hz only. Neuroscientists have found that each of them needs to be in a certain “zone or range” so that you feel healthy and happy… Scientists have also found a way to measure these brain waves during Neurofeedback sessions. You will have “sensors” on your scalp and ears and through fiber optics, these Hz will be transported to an EEG, then to a special program into a computer.

Once the program identifies your brain waves then it is a question of math! The system will calculate the optimal middle range of your brain waves and knowing mathematically speaking that your brain waves are out of range, it will then prompt the system to make a very precise “pause” in the sound, or music you are listening to. This precise pause is an interrupted signal to your brain. While you might not acknowledge consciously these interruptions your brain does. Your dysfunctional brain waves patterns are interrupted by these pauses. Then your brain will automatically self-correct and re-organize itself to a higher level of functioning.

Are the results I gain lasting?

ESTABLISHED RESEARCH: Neurofeedback has been used in training centers and clinics around the world for decades, and clinical research has shown it to be effective in treating many neurological conditions with lasting results.

Many research studies have shown it to be as effective as added stimulant medications in treatment.

How? Your brain will learn to change its brainwave patterns. It is called Neuroplasticity.

Scientists in the UK say that “neurofeedback” helps people to boost their memory. Neurofeedback works by training people to alter their brain activity by enhancing certain frequencies. International Journal of Psychophysiology 2003; 47:75-85.

Dr. David Velkoff, M.D. one of the pioneers of neurofeedback testified that “he has been successfully using neurofeedback to improve quality of life with a variety of disorders since 1980. Unlike temporary treatments, neurofeedback can lead to long-term improvement. What your brain learns during your training sessions you will be able to practice and integrate into everyday life situations, until it becomes your natural state.

Neurofeedback uses a learning process that strengthens and develops the synaptic connections in the brain.” Drake Institute of Neuro-physical Medicine

Dr. Ed Carlton is the founder of the Carlton Neurofeedback Center and author of the book “The Answer.” Carlton explains: “My first degree is in engineering. Neurofeedback is a cross between medicine and engineering, using the best of both to provide relief for my patients. The Answer explains how neurofeedback stopped my bipolar symptoms, and how it can help others do the same.”

Over 400+ peer-reviewed studies have been published on the use of neurofeedback and have shown its efficacy with Anxiety, Focus, Foggy mind, Mood, Depression, Memory, PTSD, Sleep Issues, Addiction, and more.

Why is the brain self-correcting?

Your brain is designed for you to not only survive but thrive. Your brain wants to function optimally, as well as saving energy as much as possible

The challenge for the brain to self-correct is that after a while it will not recognize dysfunctional brain waves anymore.

Why? First, let us understand that your brain is the organ in your body that needs the most energy, so the brain wants to save energy as much as possible! Consequently, it will tend to function on auto-navigation, what we also call “habits”.

After a while, your brain will take the “habit” to see these brain waves as they are. Your brain will think “Everything is fine, no need to change anything”. Like you, if at first, you take the habit of going from point A to point B a certain way, you will do it again, and after you will keep doing it, even if there is an easier or faster way to travel this distance.

We tend to keep “habits” once taken even if these habits are not helpful! Same process with your brain!

What will Neurofeedback sessions do about this?

Neurofeedback will inform at the micro-second when your brain has gone astray. This is a detection-information tool that is so precise that your brain will immediately recognize: “Oh yes, why am I doing this?”. Your brain will figure out the blocks created by life events (or traumas), pathways that have been damaged or are missing, and so on, and will do “what needs to be done” to function optimally.

Is each session unique?

Yes, each session is unique to you and your brain, and each session is built up from the previous one. That is the beauty of Neurofeedback training!

I would even add, that your brain (conscious part or subconscious part) will figure out very quickly what is at the origin of a problem or discomfort.

Let me share the example of 3 of our clients coming to us for sleep issues. They started their program the same week, doing the same number of sessions per week. Do not forget each program is unique for each brain! So, what happened?

In our first one, John, we observed what started to improve first were his panic attacks. Before the end of the first month, John told me: I still do not sleep well, BUT my panic attacks are gone, I had them every day and they were very intense before I came to see you. It took John more sessions before we saw the quality and quantity of his resting sleep increase. By the end of the program, John could sleep 7 to 8 hours each night, waking up refreshed and the panic attacks were gone.

For the second client, Peter, after just 3 weeks he told me: “I still do not sleep well, but I don’t need to drink gallons of coffee to keep me going. Now I drink one cup when I feel like it, often every other day. For Peter, the sleep came after this addiction had vanished and then the anxiety vanished.

The third client, Judith very quickly told me that she was sleeping “like a log again. I have not been sleeping that well for decades. It feels so good to sleep that well. I’ve lots of energy! I can focus for a longer period of time now and experience lots of creative ideas for my business. I feel so great, I cannot thank you enough. At the same time, I see improvement in areas I did not even imagine I needed, such as lack of self-confidence since I’ve been abused as a child I’m so happy to be on your Neurofeedback program and eager for more progress to come!”.

These examples show us that “Your Brain” knows what needs to be improved for you to thrive! And on top of that, your brain knows what it needs to start with to reach its goals: functioning optimally!

A friend of mine was reminding me “We are supposed to be in good health, to feel good, to be happy, and to be successful!”

It is so true, think of it this way. You have pain somewhere, a headache, or any other “ache”. You will think of it and this pain will be present in your consciousness. But what happens when the pain is gone? You do not think of it anymore, everything is as it should be!


Is Neurofeedback safe and is it going to change me? I do not want to mess up my brain. Am I going to be a different person?

Neurofeedback sessions only target the “dysfunctional” brain waves, the ones that are “out of range”. Like your blood pressure or blood sugar level. Do you want to keep going anyway, without doing anything about it? I do not think so! And what about your car? Are you going to use it, only putting gas in it, and never doing a clean-up?

Life events create blocks that slow everything. Your brain can become inflamed or “on overload” and as your computer is on overload, if you do not free space by re-organizing it, and eliminating the files you do not use anymore, your brain will work less and less efficiently, like your computer. You can change and buy a new computer; you cannot do that with your brain! The only solution: you have to keep it and help it to function more efficiently! The good news is that today it is possible! By doing that you support your brain functions, and you amplify its ability to function better, so your life will be easier and more fulfilling.

Are there many types of Neurofeedback?

Yes! There are many types of Neurofeedback, we provide more than one type of them, and we will help you to figure out which one is the best for you, taking into account your lifestyle.

Usually, the user receives auditory or auditory plus visual feedback, which helps to train the brain to better regulate its activity.

Neurofeedback has been used in training centers and clinics around the world for decades, and clinical research has shown it to be effective in treating many neurological conditions with lasting results.

Many research studies have shown it to be as effective as stimulant medications in treating ADHD for example.

The goal of Neurofeedback training is to teach your brain to learn to change its brainwave patterns by listening to music, watching videos, or playing games as part of a training program.

Can I do Neurofeedback sessions even if I am taking medication?

Neurofeedback training is an alternative approach and can be done whether clients are taking medication or not. We will not prescribe any medication or ask you to stop any of your medication, you will do that with your M.D. or the specific provider who prescribes them to you.

From my experience, these providers have always been happy to reduce and then stop the medication when they see the results of advanced neurofeedback. M.D., N.D., Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and other kinds of therapists recommend us to their patients and saw an increase in the results with their patients.

Is there an average number of sessions one needs to do?

There is no “average”! Every brain is unique, and every life is unique! Like every session is unique and adapted to your brain’s needs, the number of sessions is unique. At the same time, Neurofeedback is conceived as training. One session or a few sessions will not deeply change the way your brain has taken the habit of functioning. Think of when you want to change a habit you finally find out you need to change, does it usually take just one thought about it to change it? I guess not!

Is there an age limit to doing Neurofeedback training?

We’ve done Neurofeedback training sessions on newborn babies who could not sleep or had colic, up to 92-year-old people either after a stroke or as Jim was telling me: “I need to keep my mind sharp. I want to be as smart as younger men, no matter my age!”.

We’re helping young kids with behavior issues (as long as they can sit and watch a movie). Some of these very young had traumas before they were adopted.

School students, pre-teens, teens, and young adults for improved mood behaviors or school grades.

And adults, women, and men for various reasons.

We’ve helped professional athletes or younger girls and boys, who were competing to become pros.

What to do as my brain is aging?

The brain is a “use it or lose it” organ.

Your brain will start to “cut” all the connections created when you are in the learning process. Usually, this “cutting” process starts around 35 years old, when you use your acquired knowledge and don’t learn enough “new stuff”. Unfortunately, this process will slow the system and you will experience a slow “aging” brain. You might experience a slight cognitive decline, slow memory loss, and brain speed slowing… The good news is that this process can be reserved!

Have you thought of Mental Fitness? When an adult, it is good to take the habit of “regularly training your brain”. Like you do workouts to keep your body flexible and in good health, it is good to enhance the neuroplasticity of your brain and rebalance your brain to thrive and be more successful. As a friend had reminded me “the road to success is always under construction”. See with us how many sessions you need. Some of our clients come only once a week or a few sessions monthly. It is usually enough to keep your brain sharp and functioning at its optimal.

Neurofeedback in the comfort of your home or “on-the-go”?

Thanks to recent technological advancements, we are excited to offer you home-based brain optimization training.

There are easy-to-use, professional, home neurofeedback systems. Neurofeedback can be done remotely using a wearable device and a mobile app while our professional trainer will monitor your brain activity and progress remotely. You will be able to train remotely with our close professional supervision.

Your InnerOptimal training program will be monitored by an experienced neurofeedback professional, giving you the benefits of our expertise while you have the comfort of training anywhere, anytime.

What is used in the training?

InnerOptimal’s neurofeedback home training program requires an EEG headset that is placed on the head. Once connected, you can start playing games that are controlled by your brainwaves. Through playing these games, your brain will learn to better regulate itself.

InnerOptimal’s “at-home” neurofeedback benefits:

Cost-effective: Save money and time by renting a home training unit.

See Results: Increase your total number of training days, enabling you to see results quicker.

Convenience: Train anywhere with an internet connection. At home, work, or on the go!

Family Training: Multiple family members can train on the same device.

Evidence-Based: Neurofeedback has many university research studies available; for Children suffering from ADHD, it has been identified as a “Level 1 Best Support”, with multiple studies published proving its efficacy.

Engaging: We will guide you to pick any of the eight training modes, including games and YouTube videos.

The other program we can recommend you use from the comfort of your own home or “on-the-go” is Brain Entrainment therapy.

Brain Entrainment Therapy Program is a proven modality assisting in the recovery of stress and stress-related illness as well as many other conditions and has been utilized in centers, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Global View of Brain Entrainment Program:

Neurofeedback at home or on-the-go!

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stress has a great impact on our health. According to Healthy People 2000, 70-80% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related and stress-induced illnesses.

According to the American Medical Association, stress contributes to 75% of all cases of illness in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, depression, anxiety, and other related mood disorders now share the dubious distinction of being the most prevalent causes of chronic illness.

Brain Entrainment has been tested and utilized in these environments for over 25 years. In 2002 Brain Entrainment was introduced to public schools, private schools, and the U.S. Department of Rehabilitation’s Job Corps. Brain Entrainment Programs have assisted thousands of people.

Our programs are here to allow you to achieve better brain health!

Mental health and behavioral challenges often have their roots in dysregulated brain activity. Our program can tackle the root of the problem by training the brain to better regulate itself.

Every program is supervised by a professional trainer to help you achieve optimal results.

What people coming to us look to improve:

Since 2007, with our Neurofeedback programs, we have witnessed successful improvements in various challenges including

  • Anxiety, and stress-related disorders or discomfort
  • Focus, concentration, ADHD,
  • depression, PTSD, mood swings,
  • Sleep issues,
  • memory loss, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, radiation therapy, and others

Neurofeedback is a safe, evidence-based training that can support the relief of symptoms with no side effects. It is non-drug training.

Do not hesitate to give us a call to talk with Dr. Danielle. This consultation is free of charge and can be booked by calling our office or through our website https://myoptimalbrain.com/contact/

Our mission is to help you!

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