Sleep Better By Changing Your Bedroom

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Today I’d like you to think about what can be improved in your bedroom to help you sleep better and awaken refreshed!

Sleep better in your improved bedroom

Look at your bedroom to determine what changes can be made to help you sleep better. These are the things you should consider as you make plans to improve your bedroom:

  • What is the dominant color in the room? Is it a calming color such as light blue, egg-shell color, or a more energetic color with lots of red? Calming colors will help you sleep better.
  • Of course you can put lots of money in redesigning your bedroom but you don’t need to! You can hang a nice and non-expensive piece of material or a poster that will help you feel like your bedroom is in nature, whichever type of nature relaxes you!
  • Do you like water sounds? What about a fountain you have on until you feel “now I’m relaxed and ready to sleep better”
  • Hang 1 or 2 sculpture reproductions or paintings that will help you love falling asleep for a long night rest!
  • Get rid of T.V., computer or any kind of electronic device and put your cellphone in another room. Keep only music and relaxing CDs or iPod with a relaxed musical program.
  • Lots of people believe that a cluttered room (or a cluttered garage and house) corresponds to a cluttered mind. So get rid of anything you don’t use that are “just there!” and you will sleep better.
  • Look inside your closet and clean and give away anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months or year. Other people will enjoy them and circulating energy is very good in keeping us in good health!

Your bedroom needs to be like a safe sanctuary where you are happy to finally get in after a useful and happy day! It’s the time you are going to finally get in touch with yourself, regenerate yourself for an even happier tomorrow! Re-read the 10 tips you downloaded the first time you met us and if you have questions or suggestions contact us via email or phone call as we’d love to hear from you.

Sweet dreams in the arms of Morpheus, ancient Greek God of dreams!

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