Sleep Patterns: “Sleep is the Best Meditation”

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What do we do when we sleep? Our brain regenerate itself and our physical body as well, it’s the reason why we wake up full of Energy after a sound sleep. Sleep patterns are an important component of rest.

Sleep Patterns

When you were a kid do you remember asking your brother or sister: “Are you sleeping?” I remember answering: “Yes” to my brother’s question! Today I’d answer to the same question: No, I’m cleaning my brain! The most recent studies of today reveal that sleep patterns allow the brain to clean waste accumulated during the awakened period. The Dalai Lama knows it! What do we do during a successful meditation? We clean waste accumulated during the awakened period! Sleep or meditation what is the difference?

Delta brain waves 0.5 to 2Hz

They are the slowest brainwaves (lower frequency). Delta is generated in deep sleep and deep meditation as well. If you reach that level in meditation or in your sleep patterns you’re completed disconnected from the outside world. You wouldn’t hear a storm! That level will help with reduction of physical symptoms such as fatigue and pain. It’s possible to wake up after a good night of deep sleep, refreshed, regenerated and healed. Some scientists even say that at that level we enhance empathy! We now understand why deep restorative sleep is so essential to healing on every level of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)!

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz)

Also called “bad” theta 3 to 6 Hz Theta brainwaves occur in sleep and are also dominant in deep meditation. They are very similar to Delta brainwaves. Today we’ve the tendency to say that at Theta we dream, other scientists will say that dreams happen when we are in Alpha brainwaves. In meditation at that level we’ll learn to “be in the present moment” it will reduce our impulsivity and emotional reactivity. At that level we clean the “garbage” of the emotional impact of recent or old traumas. It’s a place where memories and emotions are stored (traumas). Trauma is an energy consumer (we actively entertain these types of emotion, which sucks all our energy).

Good theta? 7 Hz is a pathway to the subconscious with integration and digestion of old traumas. A successful Meditation brings you spiritual awareness. At that level the brain is creative, and intuitive you have a clear vision of things. Quite often I see clients receiving insight beyond their expectation or beyond what their awakened conscious awareness would have given them! And don’t misunderstand me. To me everything is spiritual; the physical world and the spiritual world are interconnected! Insights can be “how to conduct an important business meeting” Or “What important decision to take about your business” As you can imagine, some of my clients, once their training is completed, they come back for few sessions when they have an important decision to make!

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz

They are dominant when you relax, or if you are new in meditation (which is a good start, the rest will come with practice!). At that level your brain will naturally, when needed, and by itself, go to the relax mode.
This is not deep meditation! If there is a noise or somebody enters the room where you are, you will immediately shift your consciousness to the beta level, that is to say, full attention!

Sleep Patterns and Meditation

I can hear you say: but I cannot meditate and I don’t sleep that well! A storm awakens me! From my experience, you might have blocks that prevent you from having this deep quality of sleep or meditation. Don’t worry, we are here! The brain training we provide helps your brain to naturally and easily go to these deep levels of healing and regeneration. With our brain training, through NeurOptimal, your brain will “work” “re-adjust” “self-regulate” from the Delta Waves to the Gamma (42Hz and up) waves and this includes healing from Anxiety, depression, enhanced memory and self-confidence. You’ll be able to achieve more without feeling overwhelmed. And what’s more important, your brain stays in control!

At InnerOptimal we like to empower you to be at your Best, naturally! Call us 760.633.3328 or send me an Email:, we will love to help you on your way to Freedom, Healing and Success!

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