Dreams, experience them crystal clear!

Dreams are another subject that I’ve loved to study!

Dreams can be simple “outlet” for your anxiety at this time of your life, but they can be much more than that! 

These “outlet” dreams often are a mix of a lot of things and emotions. Let’s understand how this happens.

It is sometimes the case, that you have become so absorbed and interested in the affairs of your existence that even after you have fallen asleep, the physical body being unconscious, you cannot make up your mind to rest! Your emotions are so strong, that your brain starts to ruminate over the happenings of the day! Sounds in your surroundings, will be mixed with the memory of these disturbing happenings. The inevitable results are confused dreams. 

In the case of these types of dreams, a trying incident of the day can appear, and if your higher consciousness (that never sleeps), often called the “higher Self” “sees” the solution, you might wake up, with a “solution” on your mind. Let’s say it looks like this part of yourself wants to rush back to impress the solution on your brain so it will be remembered when you wake up. This clear solution will rarely be remembered. And even if the solution is imprinted, your brain usually will have forgotten it in the morning.

The knowledge of this fact has caused many people to keep paper, pencil, and light by the bedside, and often they are rewarded by finding solutions to their problems written in the morning without having even a recollection of writing them. It is a good idea to follow.

Because of all these emotions, there is no deep sleep, the restoration of your mind and body is impeded, the physical body tossing on the bed in extreme cases, and in consequence, there is a tired feeling left in the morning when you wake up!  

This is not the “ideal” case of dreams or the best quality of sleep!


How can I have clearer dreams?

If you are cleared of the emotions of the day, you will have clearer dreams (read our Newsletter about Conscious and Subconscious Minds if you have not done so). 

Lots of our clients notice they have more dreams and often their dreams are clearer with our tailored brain training sessions. In such a case the brain will keep a logical solution to problems of life or even prophetical warn of impending trouble, which often enables us to avoid or avert disasters.

You can “clean” your mind without brain training sessions, see our May Newsletter “Conscious and Subconscious mind, how to use them to our benefit!”. The consequence is that it will take you decades to achieve this goal instead of a few months, but it is possible! 

Usually, these kinds of dreams occur just before waking. In such cases when you wake up you feel regenerated and full of energy!

It is a great help in furthering such impressions in the coming night if you hold the thought to the last on going to sleep. You might tell yourself: “I want to know about this or that, and I’m going to remember it in the morning”. If this is the last thought on going to sleep, you will bring the memory of the solution. 

As you might have noticed, if you are cleared of the emotional impact of traumas, your dreams will be clearer! If your brain has learned to stop its chattering, your dreams will be clearer too! One more reason to come and do our brain training sessions.

After all these years of practice to remember my dreams, if I’m going to “forget” to do something that is important or would be detrimental to me or my surrounding, in the morning, I wake up with this reminder of what I have to do, or how I need to handle such and such situation! 


Another way to find a solution to a pressing challenge

Write the concise question, with yes or no answers on a sheet of paper. Put this note under your pillow and know, with certitude, that the solution is there, closer to you than your own hands, and you will find it or remember it. Keep this note for three days, if necessary, no more, then burn this paper. Either the solution will be given to you in a dream or the following day. One way or another you will have your answer! Be confident, you can do it! Nobody is ever left alone and your mind and spirit, also called “higher self” are here, listen to them.


Wishing you more happiness, love, joy, and success!

Dr. Danielle

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