Who has not heard of PTSD?

Let’s talk about PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a powerful and disruptive consequence of stress which is increasingly common in our world today!

Have you felt overwhelmed by stressful events or events perceived as stressful, which is the same result for your brain?

Welcome to the group!

These overwhelming stressors seem to be out of our control. These traumatic events can be sudden and massive as the ongoing recent pandemic, world virus attack (2020-2021), or September 11, 2001, American terrorist attack. It could also be accidents (fires, automobile, or airplane crashes) or handmade violence (war), or nature (hurricane, earthquakes, tornadoes). These overwhelming stressors can be chronically invasive such as sexual, physical, or psychological abuse.

A Helpful Reminder

When I was in my 30’s, an old friend of mine was reminding me, and I still continue to remind myself this wise advice: “It is your reaction to the Event that counts, the way you take it in, the way you see and feel for it that causes you so much pain and misery.  And you have power on changing the way you feel about the event itself!”.

Easier said than done you might think.

25 to 30% of individuals witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event will exhibit significant symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Without treatment, 50% of these people will suffer for decades from these symptoms. Time by itself is not the perfect healer.

In today’s time, I see more and more people being over-sensitive to any change in their environment, which 99% of the time brings them stress. If stress becomes chronic it brings with it anxiety and then chronic anxiety. Everything is energy as Quantum Physic Science demonstrates. So, when you are affected on one level, the impact will be felt on many other levels.

We all want to have a fruitful and happy life, and we want that for our children as well. So, reach out to knowledgeable people, you do not need to suffer in silence. Listen to Lisa’s story and know that nothing is hard-wired in your brain. At InnerOptimal we are happy to help and have witnessed life-changing for 15 years now!

Ask us about our “5 simple and effective tips to beat your PTSD or traumas” or go to our Program website’s page, (click here) you’ll find lots of information and tips to help you.

Words from a Cancer Survivor

Let me share with you this very uplifting story from Lisa W.’s transformation.

In her own words. “I have had Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 20 years, and then I developed cancer.

At this point, I was in a very bad place, very depressed, not wanting to proceed with all the medications. Every doctor was telling me something different.

Through the local Rotary Club, I met Dr. Danielle and Marie-Laure and they shared with me how advanced Neurofeedback and InnerOptimal programs can help.

The brain peak performance training sessions got me to the point where I was stronger mentally to take on the challenges of cancer, which I have beaten. Knock on wood! The whole program gave me a fresh view of what I can do and why I want to do it. Dr. Danielle gave me the mental strength to carry on and continue.

When I first came to Dr. Danielle it was shortly after I completed the first round of chemo, which was absolutely devastating to my body and my mind. With Chemotherapy, you cannot think, you are in a fog, you cannot sleep, and the anxiety I felt was overwhelming.

My anxiety level is now under control. I learned that my mind was a huge part of how my body reacted to the treatment. InnerOptimal program really helped me. So that was valuable with the medical treatment!

What are you self Imposing?

Conversing with Danielle and Marie-Laure, talking things out, I realized that a lot of stress, I was self-imposing. It really helped me flip the switch from, everything is the darkest day, to today is a great day, and feeling very excited about where my future is going to go! Mastering stress levels and anxiety is life-changing!

Life Transformation is possible! It is much easier, and faster than I thought. And it is long-lasting, this transformation happened 5 years ago, and the PTSD symptoms never came back. I am still at my best today!”

You can do Brain Peak Performance/Brain training from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you are, if you travel a lot or are always “on the go”. You can as well, if you prefer, come to our Center in Encinitas. Call us at 760.633.3328 or book your complimentary consultation online: www.MyOptimalBrain.com”.

You deserve the best!

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