Patience and Confidence

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Let’s talk about time

The Buddhists have an expression: “Don’t push the river it will travel at its own speed anyway.”

In our society today we want to have everything right now, we even eat too quickly without taking the time to enjoy what is in our plate, too often thinking of “what’s next”…

Have you heard of Einstein’s time?

More than 100 years ago, Albert Einstein came up with an idea about how time works. He called it relativity.

If you say, “I don’t have the time to ….” What you really say, “It is not important for me to do it or to “take the time to do it”.

Another idea that goes in the relativity of time: When you are in love, or when you love doing something, time goes so quickly that you have not seen it “pass”. On the other hand, if you are in excruciating pain, 5 minutes will seem to be an eternity.

Time for an Example

Here is a wonderful idea that I would like to share with you: time is not important but the lessons we learn are! We can learn in minutes as we can learn in years or decades. What is important is to learn the lesson!

Let me share with you a story. This happened 25+ years ago but it is still true today.

I intended to take the phone and call the parents of a young boy who had verbally assaulted Chris, the son of some friends. The boy who had assaulted Chris had asked him if his skin was dirty and then wanted to touch Chris’s arm. Chris has brown skin. When I saw Chris, he was clearly very upset and was crying!

At that precise moment when I was going to take the phone to call the parents, the phone rang. This wise old woman, a friend of mine, said to me; “you seem to be disturbed, what’s happening?” And after I explained to her the situation, she told me. “Let the time do its healing and next time when the kids will go to the swimming pool, just ask them to act naturally. Let Chris smile at this young boy and see what happens!” So, we did. A few days after when the kids came back from the swimming pool, they all were radiant. The young boy who has insulted Chris had become Chris’s friend and they all played together.

Had I called immediately after the event, upset as I was, what would have happened? Certainly not this easy and nice outcome! Impulsivity or acting under shock or hurt will never give us the right attitude to heal the world! Since the 90’s I have made it my goal to always think about time as “relative” and act accordingly. Events are just a chapter or paragraph in the book of our lives! Let us turn them into gemstones!

You likely have memories of times that have healed you or times that have brought you a lesson that you have applied for the best outcome in your life. Share this knowledge with younger people it is one of the best legacies you can give them!

And if there is hurt that you cannot heal on your own, call us. With Neurofeedback we will help you to heal the emotional impact of your pains and traumas. Our programs will bring you the understanding to approach the obstacles and frustrations in your lives with more patience and calm. You will feel fulfilled and no longer confused or lost. You will learn to overcome fear, anxiety, and grief. You will live your life more fully in the present moment and you will enjoy its pleasures more completely.

Call us to know more about our programs and which ones fit you the best!

All my best healing wishes to you!

You can do Brain Peak Performance/Brain training from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you are, if you travel a lot or are always “on the go”. You can as well, if you prefer, come to our Center in Encinitas. Call us at 760.633.3328 or book your complimentary consultation online:”.

You deserve the best!

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