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When I was in my early 30s I lived on a mountain, in a place where we needed wood for the fireplace in winter.

For people who have never seen me, I am petite and at the time my weight was 100 pounds.

My goal was to cut, with a huge axe I could barely lift, a big trunk of a tree to make wood for the fireplace. My mentor at the time, named Guy, looking at me unsuccessfully trying to cut this huge trunk said: “Danielle, you are not focused!”. Even if I thought I was, looking at my lack of success I had to admit he was probably right. I tried again and once again I was unsuccessful. I am not the kind of person to give up and stop trying to achieve what I want to achieve. So, I breathed and without completely realizing it, I thought of this huge axe, of this huge tree trunk and while I was moving the axe, I saw this huge tree trunk cut into two pieces. I saw the work already done! And to my surprise and my happiness, yes! the huge trunk had given up and was cut in two pieces! Then I could cut it into more pieces and finish the task I had decided to do. Every time I was using the same mental attitude, I was enjoying the same result and astonished about how easy it was!

FOCUS, and the way consciousness works!

If you have a goal, a dream, something you want to see happening in your life, imagine as it is already done!

Let say you have physical pain: visualize and feel your body pain-free. You can even breathe in and out imagining you’re breathing in and out from this part of your body. Breath-in the beautiful energy of the universe and breath-out this dark energy that represents the pain. And feel the emotion, feel how happy you are to be pain-free, in a healthy body, doing all the things you want to do, with ease, that is to say without this discomfort or pain.

It is the way our awareness works. So, use it on purpose to create everything you want, and you deserve!

Pay Attention; it is not enough to wish for something, it is important, in our consciousness, to feel and see like it has already happened! To change the subconscious brain, only the now, the present, exists. It has already happened, and you are enjoying it.

How to succeed? The big mistake beginners often make!

Do not imagine that once is enough, very seldom after one try, do we succeed. Usually, we must do it again and again. And if you think you have done it and nothing has worked the way you want, come to us. They might be some blocks in your consciousness that are difficult to get rid of. It could be that you have too often heard when you were a kid “Who do you think you are to be able to do that?” or “You’ll never be able to do that, believe me!” and in your subconscious mind there is this little unheard voice saying, “You are a fool, you cannot do it because….”.

Clean your conscious and subconscious mind!

With advanced neurofeedback you can “clean” your conscious and subconscious mind of these blocks, you can get rid of them forever. We have seen it all the time during these last 15 years!

The good news is, today we use varied neuro-science tools to help you be more easily and more quickly successful, and results are lasting!

Do not hesitate, you deserve a great life, because living an enjoyable and successful life you will heal yourself with a ripple effect to the healing of the world.

You can do Brain Peak Performance/Brain training from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you are, if you travel a lot or are always “on-the-go”. You can as well, if you prefer, come to our Center in Encinitas. Call us 760.633.3328 or book your complementary consultation online:”.

You deserve the best!

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