The Power of the Mind

Let’s talk about the power of thoughts!

If you want to expand your consciousness, create something, a business, a new relationship or help your significant others, family, or kids it is important to reflect on the Power of Thoughts. 

You certainly have experienced thinking of somebody you know well that happened to be far away. And here the distance doesn’t matter, it could be on the other side of our planet earth. And while you are deeply thinking of this person, suddenly the phone rings or you receive a text message from that specific person at that same time.

This demonstrates that thoughts don’t stop at the wall but transit very quickly to their destination; in our example, to the person, you were thinking about. At the level of thoughts, we are at an energetic level of vibration, so it doesn’t respond to our physical movements that are slower and more limited by space and time.


What does that practically mean?

First, you are as responsible for your thoughts as you are responsible for your actions.

At the same time, you are not responsible for your first thought, but you are if you keep that first thought and nourish it.

The first thought can come from somebody else so if you don’t like it, you can just let it go without putting any emphasis on it.

This is a very important notion, particularly in our modern time when lots of people tend to nourish a lot of anxiety, for their family, kids, business, the world! We have so much information these days that we think that crimes for example are more frequent than in the past. The statistics will prove the reverse. Just think that in the middle age it was very difficult to travel or to go out at night even in your street. It was better to stay behind closed doors otherwise you could be murdered. Today this is not the case for the great majority of us! 


Being aware of your first thought and deciding if it is yours or not is extremely important.

Let me share with you an experience I had a few years ago. I was relaxed, walking on a meditation path in beautiful surroundings, toward a Temple where I was going to participate in a healing meditation. I saw somebody I knew pretty well, responsible for the maintenance of that place, walking toward the Temple from another path. And I thought. “Oh my God is he going to the Temple to make black magic?”. I immediately stopped and thought. You know this man; he is not doing the kind of things some people are accusing him to do. He is just going to the Temple for some repair. This is not your way of thinking! What’s happening? Immediately my intuition (my gut as some would say) told me. This is how thoughts travel and if you make this thought yours, if you nourish it, then it becomes your thought. By “taking it” in you reinforce that thought that will become stronger and stronger. How do you think this poor man is going to be impacted by it? Do you think he will feel happy, confident, and secure?

Let’s push this idea further. You have a kid who tends to be depressed or easily angry, if you let your sadness or anger feed your aura, your energy field, you reinforce his depression or anger. Your responsibility as an adult is to help him be happy, or calm. And it is only by generating these kinds of thoughts that you will help him or her to change.

Today, so many people feel sad, discouraged, or hopeless about what is happening in the world, particularly after these previous years with the pandemic and all the fears generated by this world health issue. Every one of us has been affected one way or another. Too often do I hear, “I was handling my difficulties fairly well before the pandemic, but today my anxiety (or sadness or fears) is out of control!”. So many of us are very sensitive and feel, or are strongly impacted by, these negative emotions.


 Tell yourself and reflect!

Tell yourself, this or that thought is not mine, I let it go and I look at the bright side of my life. 

Reflect on what is in your circle of influence and act accordingly to what is outside your circle of influence, send positive thoughts to encourage those that are in charge of that situation. Send positive thoughts to those who suffer, pray for them if you like to pray, meditate about Peace on Earth, and let go of these thoughts knowing that the light is brighter than the darkness and the light always triumphs. For this let me take another example. If you are in a bright room and open the door to another dark room. What will happen? Is it the darkness that will precipitate itself toward your room full of light? Absolutely not! The light in your room will soften the darkroom! This is a universal physical principle; the power of our thoughts functions the same way! 


The second thing I wanted to share with you today.

 Do you want to accomplish something, or improve a relationship? Here, again use the power of your thoughts through visualization.

Visualize what you want to see happening, in every detail, put colors and emotions into your mental creation and visualize it as it has already happened. It is here, you are in or with it. It’s now in action! One principle to not break if you don’t want to receive negative returns about your mental creations. This visualization is about you and anybody else! Each of us has his/her free will that should stay inviolate, even if you think that it would be the best thing that would happen to that person!   

Visualization is using the right part of your brain that deals with images and will easily impact your subconscious if you add emotions and if it is in the present. The subconscious brain only knows the present! Tomorrow will always be tomorrow for your subconscious memory!

Fortunately, today, lots of scientific research on this subject confirm what spiritualist researchers have discovered a “very, very long time ago”!

Do you want to be a leader? You want to support your kids and family the best you can, you want to experience freedom and happiness, and practice these spiritual principles.

In a future blog, we will talk about the difference between the conscious and the subconscious part of your brain and what is known today that has been taught for millennia to the very few.


Do you have difficulty with keeping positive, constructive thoughts? We are here! Give us a call, and book a complimentary appointment through our website, (link here) we’ll be happy to help you and you know we can!

Happy Spring! Enjoy the warmth, the birds singing, the nature flourishing!


Dr. Danielle

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