Superconscious Mind? What For?

What is the Superconscious Mind?

This “Superconscious mind or superconscious memory” is a deeper memory than even the sub-conscious memory. This superconscious memory is related to the lives you lived before this one. Wow! Yes, trust me!

In America only, 33% of American adults believe in reincarnation. To be more precise nearly four-in-ten adults under the age of 50 (38%) believe in reincarnation, compared with 27% of those aged 50 and older. 73% of American adults believe in Heaven and 62% in hell.

If we look at the world percentage, 51% believe in reincarnation, while 23% believe they only will “cease to exist”. 

More than 18,000 people in 23 countries participated in this survey conducted by the Global Research Society and the Institute for Social Research (Ipsos). 

Where is this superconscious memory stored? 

At a deeper level than the subconscious mind, at least it is where you can have access to it.
As a reminder, the subconscious memory stores memory of the tiniest events and feelings of this life (see our previous blog). It is the same with our superconscious memory.
I’ve been studying this subject of superconscious memory and reincarnation from 18th century, 19th century, and 20th – 21st-century authors, philosophers, and more recently scientific researchers. The most recent and better known is Brian Wise, M.D., Psychiatrist. While his research was to help people heal from incurable diseases, he accidentally came across the memory of a young patient who brought him to her previous life’s memories. He took this information with lots of caution, but he was astonished to find out that re-collecting the memory of these events from a previous life started to cure her. I will let you read his first best seller “Many Lives, Many Masters”.
You do not need to do “past-life regression” to have access to past life’s memory. And to my experience, very few people can help you do that. But you can do that on your own and in many ways.


Traumas are stored from a previous life (lives).

Like the traumas stored in your conscious and subconscious mind, other traumas are stored in your Superconscious mind, and they have an impact on the way you act and react.
In each life, from my research and experience, we all come with talents to bring to fruition, others that are here already fully available, and others that are difficulties, challenges we come here to overcome.

What I love in this kind of thinking is that you are entirely and solely responsible for everything that is happening to you in this life. Some of these challenges are called “mature (or ripe) destiny”, ready to be harvested! You might think, I thought it could be something I have created in this life with my way of thinking or my actions. I agree, you are right, but if we want to think further on the question, where do these impulsions come from? Why are brothers and sisters (same father, same mother) so different?

The purpose of your challenges and rewards in life is for you to learn. These challenges are often described as coming from the law of “cause and effect”, or the “law of attraction”, it is also known as “Karma”. These challenges, difficulties, and painful situations are NOT a punishment! Another thought corresponding to this philosophy of life I like to nourish is we always have the talents and resources we need to overcome anything and everything life is throwing at us.
This explanation of reincarnation is a philosophy of life, and this is the most logical explanation to understand all world events and individuals’ life events.


 Are you a healer, a doctor, or more simply do you want to “improve”, or expand your consciousness?


Let’s be clear! Just as you know that what is happening has a purpose, your commitment is to heal and alleviate others’ suffering and this doesn’t justify any negative action, such as neglect, anger, revenge, etc.…

Another thought that Brian Wise found in his 35+ years of research and thousands of case studies is if you strongly hate a certain type of people’s beliefs or a specific religion, or if you are prejudiced about skin colors you will without the shadow of a doubt be reincarnated in this religion, skin color, etc.… This is done to deeply understand how all of us are molded by education and the general beliefs of the surrounding people. To deeply understand that, if you were born in such circumstances, you would probably have reacted the same way. The goal here is to teach us again and again not to judge! To live and let live!

The supreme goal of reincarnation is to learn to build yourself, outside the general belief system of your time and country. And for everything, after research, you perceive it as not in the best interest of everyone, including yourself, to be strong enough to discard these wrong beliefs, attitudes, or actions, despite what your education has taught you.


Free choice is our human condition and privilege! In any circumstance, you have your free will, even at the time of ripe destiny! 

As we just said, Karma, reincarnation is not a punishment like some people think, just discard this idea. Deeply study the subject and you will find proofs of his reality and how logical this belief is.
Of course, lots of Christian believe in reincarnation (40% among practicing Catholics) and you can find “profs” of this belief in the Bible and with the first Christians’ beliefs.

Reincarnation was also taught in the Hebrew community until fairly recently and is still taught in the Kabbalah movement. The holy Ari* explained it most simply: “every Jew must fulfill all 613 mitzvot, and if he doesn’t succeed in one lifetime, he comes back again and again until he finishes. For this reason, events in a person’s life may lead him towards certain places, encounters, etc., in ways that may or may not make sense. Divine providence provides each person with the opportunities he needs to fulfill those particular mitzvot necessary for the perfection of his soul. But the responsibility lies with us. At the actual moment of decision in any given situation, the choice is ours”.

From a different perspective, we could answer the question how many people believe in reincarnation? by looking at specific religions which include the concept of reincarnation as a fundamental belief. Among these, we would find followers of Hinduism (950 million), Buddhism (500 million), Sikhism (23.8 million), Jainism (4.2 million), Shinto (4 million), and Taoism (2.7 million). This means a total number of 1.4 billion people, or an approximate 19% of the world’s population believe in reincarnation.


“The belief in reincarnation is highest in Hungary, where 13 percent say “we are ultimately reincarnated”. The belief is also popular in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, and Australia. People who claim to “not know what happens” after death are mostly located in Europe and America!

I’d suggest you meditate on this concept!”

To love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be.

The people are too exhausted to be any longer. The people they grew out of, the people they never ended up growing into. We so badly want the people we love to get their spark back when it burns out, to become speedily found when they are lost.

But it is not our job to hold anyone accountable to the people they used to be. It is our job to travel with them between each version and to honor what emerges along the way. Sometimes it will be an even more luminescent flame. Sometimes it will be a flicker that temporarily floods the room with perfect and necessary darkness.” 

-Heidi Priebe


Why are we talking about reincarnation?

Studying the subject of reincarnation, first, you will understand that there is “no death”. We leave behind our physical body as we would leave behind an old dress and put on a new one.
You’ll find Peace as you will find that it is the most logical answer to all “inequity”, and differences on this planet. They are the result of this ability for human beings to be reincarnated.
You will learn to be patient because ultimately, life after life, you will continue to grow, and you will see your consciousness expand. That is, of course, if you work toward change, not if you wait passively hoping that things will change for you!


Do you want to reach your subconscious mind or your superconscious mind and cannot?

Do you find you have a wandering mind, unable to concentrate properly leading to your meditation having poor results? Do you have anxiety or poor quality of sleep that results in no energy, so you feel overwhelmed and not engaged? Give us a call, and book a complimentary appointment through our website, (link here) we’ll be happy to help you and you know we can!
Have a great summer!


*Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (born in the Old City of Jerusalem 1534-1572) is commonly known as the Ari. To this day, among Kabbalists, he is referred to as “our teacher” “the Ari”, “the holy Ari”, or “the Ari of blessed memory).


Dr. Danielle

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