The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. How to use them to our benefit!

We all know about the conscious mind, but have you noticed how blurry and imprecise too often it is?

If you try to remember the words you used yesterday when you talked to somebody, you won’t, apart from if they are linked to some strong emotional attitudes. Or when you try to remember what you ate, what your loved one wore yesterday or last week, you won’t remember precisely. 

Another thing I’ve been studying is why some events stay in our memory and others just fade away and we forget them! I’m not talking about the distraction that so many of us suffer from, today.

Some of us, depending on how our brain functions, will tend to recall negative events or negative attitudes of others. For example, if you have a very active “reptilian” (survival mode of the brain) your brain will tend to “ruminate”, to react negatively to the slightest challenge. With a strong reptilian if you ask the question “what if…” the first thought will be about a threat, a negative outcome. Your brain will be willing to always “stay in a comfort zone”. This will result in unhappiness and missed opportunities that would have been positive. 

After all these years of managing our Center of Brain Training, I’ve seen that when the person is positive or wants to become a positive person, the energy spent on “fighting against these negative first thoughts” will drain her/his mental and physical energy! 

If you are in this situation, you must “clean” the conscious and particularly the subconscious memory of the traumas that have impacted your mind and its tendency to function daily in its survival mode. The brain training sessions can do this work, “clean” the conscious and subconscious mind of the negative impacts of the traumas, or life events you have been through. Other times and I see this often in today’s society, it is not traumatic or life events that have put your brain in “survival mode”, but it is the habit to push yourself too much and for too long! The consequence of this attitude is that your brain goes into a protective mode and cannot regain its “resilience, neuroplasticity” on its own anymore. We call it “burnout” loss of homeostasis. Here again, appropriate Brain training sessions will solve the problem.

The pathway, the bridge between conscious and subconscious is the alpha level of your brain. Teaching your brain to restore its lost natural ability to go to the “relax mode” when necessary, during the day, is extremely important. Neuroscientists have recently discovered how important this ability of the brain, is. In our modern society, too often we tend to do too much, and for too long. The consequence is that the Neuroplasticity, this resilience, or mental flexibility is not here anymore, and it becomes difficult to handle the daily stress without feeling overwhelmed. As well, as losing the mental ability to have a good quality of sleep, and in such a case you feel exhausted, not rested when you wake up, with poor focus during the day. Focus and mental relaxation are at the same level of brainwaves frequency, the alpha level. 

Subconscious Mind or subconscious Memory

Let’s see what I’ve learned about what the subconscious mind is. As you might know, all my life I’ve been passionate about the Power of the Mind, and the power of our thoughts, and I’ve discovered the following that I’m happy to share with you.

To understand how the images are imprinted on our subconscious minds, think of a photographer. The photographer takes a picture, and in this picture, there might be things that the photographer has not even noticed at the time the “picture” was taken. That’s how your subconscious mind functions. The subconscious mind will not only photograph what is happening but memorize the emotions, and feelings that were in the environment and the energy field of the other person(s).

How are these pictures and the accompanying feelings stored? 

They are brought to your mind with each breath and explained simply will be stored in your brain. 

Let me give you one of my personal experiences with this subject.

It was in the early 1990s. I was managing my “Holistic Healing Center”, as well as my “Non-Governmental Organization” and I had a big emotional fight with one of my co-workers who was unjustly accusing our partner in Africa. I’ve always been extremely sensitive to injustice and unjustified accusations when the person is not taking care of the whole context of the situation. So, I was extremely upset and started to shout at this co-worker, named Peter. When I realized what I was doing. I had to go to our meditation room to calm myself. That evening, before falling asleep, in my bed, I started to meditate on the event of that day, and suddenly, precise information come to my consciousness. I understood Peter’s past hurts (when he was much younger) that had made him react the way he did. I “met his soul” and understood him and felt in my awareness what Peter was feeling at the time of our encounter and why he reacted the way he did. Then the following thought came immediately to my conscious mind. In my subconscious mind everything is stored, my attitude, his attitude, and his feelings which gave me a deep understanding of the root of his attitude. It was a very powerful experience.

In your subconscious mind, everything is there! Being able to deeply understand the “why” of the attitude of the “other”, your heart and brain can only forgive. As long as you cannot truly and deeply forgive, your negative emotions generated by the event will have an impact on your attitude, actions, and reactions toward life! And more often you will have to face the same type of situation and will have the same reaction, this will “hardwire” your negative reactions. The brain will store these reactions as a habit, a way to react in such circumstances.

When people are on one of our programs, the neurofeedback sessions work on the conscious and subconscious and clean the impact of their traumas, so they do not have any longer negative reactions when that specific type of situation occurs. It can be the same type of situation or another one that the mind can “classify” as similar. 

What can we learn from all this? 

You can clean your conscious and subconscious minds on your own, and we did it in the past when Neurofeedback sessions were not easily available. It will take decades doing it on your own, compared to a few months with our programs, but you can do it! 

You will have to do a specific exercise, evening after evening, recalling and meditating on the everyday life events, until your deeper mind offers you the opportunity to recollect a past experience(s) to be able to clean the trauma generated by it. 

If you want to “clean” your subconscious mind, evening after evening, recall the events of the day, and do it backward. Start to think about what has just happened before you went to bed (you can sit on a comfortable chair to do this meditation exercise to prevent you from falling asleep). Doing the exercise backward will help your brain to wander less and go from the effect (event, reaction) to the cause of this attitude! And when you catch yourself with a wondering brain, just gently bring your thoughts back to that exercise. The goal of this exercise is to congratulate yourself when you see that you have succeeded in something you could not succeed in before, or when you have done something positive. This will reinforce your subconscious brain to be eager to work more in that direction. When you remember yourself having been caught in a negative reaction, just tell yourself that next time you’ll do better. Mentally ask for forgiveness from the person you have wronged. Send that person loving thoughts and tell yourself you want to learn why you reacted negatively. 

With this evening exercise, you’ll discover a lot about yourself, and you will be able to “change” anything you want to change in your behaviors or thoughts because of their negative effects on your life or relationships. 

This is not a “blame” exercise. Blame doesn’t help. This is knowing more precisely who you are, how you more commonly act or react in such circumstances, and why. 

This deep understanding of “how you function” will bring you more self-mastery and happiness. 

If you want to discuss more on this subject or have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can always book a “complimentary appointment” through our website. I’ll be here for you!

With the neurofeedback sessions, and our tailored programs that make these sessions more efficient, some remember the events that have generated such and such attitudes, decisions, etc. And with that comprehension they automatically forgive, “let go!” and the negative event(s) don’t have any more impact on them. They feel at peace with it and life in general. For others, the event(s) is not recalled but the negative emotional impact of the trauma with the Neurofeedback program is gone. 

For everyone this means, the conscious and subconscious mind is cleaned, and they are free again of this “negative energy” and impact on their life. 

In June I talked about a deeper memory, which is often called the super-conscious memory, if you have not read it, don’t miss it!


Wishing you more happiness, love, joy, and success!

Dr. Danielle

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