Stress, Anxiety, and Consequences

Those of you who have read my newsletter for quite a while know that stress generates anxiety.

When I was running my Holistic Healing Center in the South-West of France, throughout the late 80s and the 90s until I came here in January 2000, I was fascinated by the body language experts I invited to share their knowledge with us. Today we have scientific quantum physics tools to confirm their findings.

Let’s talk about different types of stress, different type of anxiety, and their consequences.

Physical stress. Pushing yourself too much for too long, usually nearly non-stop, generates physical stress. If going beyond our limits is good, it cannot be for too long without giving our body the rest it needs. 

Surgery, chemotherapy, or a personal illness usually generates physical stress too. If these interventions are necessary you need to think of supporting your body with natural medicine or practices to help it recover more quickly and more surely!

Emotional stress. Either you have been through a divorce, the loss of a loved one or you worry too much for the ones you love, and you are under constant emotional stress. 

The loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, or the loss of a job, generates emotional stress that you need to take care of. Don’t think “it will pass, I can cope with it…”. 

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but by understanding the stages and the types of grief you can find a healthy way to cope. Download on our website our complimentary guide to finding more peace: 

Mental stress. Yes! There is mental stress too. Usually, it will manifest as a difficulty to perceive things positively, and be discouraged. The mental energy involved in a certain number of concerns will take a big part of the mental energy. This impacts your well-being.  

These three types of stress will generate 4 types of anxiety. 

Situational anxiety. Which is an emotional state that causes a subjective and conscious feeling of concern, fear, tension, and an increase in the physiological response mechanisms (panic attacks for ex.). It could be sensing too many threats everywhere and in any kind of unexpected situation. Which is also detrimental to your well-being and generates feelings of being overwhelmed.

Cognitive anxiety. This is more a mental component of anxiety induced by a fear of failure, negative social judgment, and loss of self-esteem have a negative impact on your goals and wishes.

Chronic anxiety. This one is more vicious because it has become a habit, a tendency for your brain to always be anxious, and you don’t recognize it anymore. Your brain thinks “it is a normal way to react to life events and other attitudes”! Often if your parents tended to be anxious, as a kid you absorbed, like a sponge, this type of attitude and reproduce it automatically.

Body anxiety. This one is even less known! It is how your body reflects your various type of stress or anxiety.

For some people, depending on other factors, the energy doesn’t flow anymore in various parts of your body; for others, and it is extremely frequent, your body experiences inflammation or accumulates toxins, with an unbalanced PH.

Energy blockage. Your cervical and shoulders become tense, sometimes to the extreme. If you touch this part of your body, it feels like stone, colder than other parts of your physical body. 

As a consequence, your head does not receive enough oxygen, and this results in low mental energy. The energy flow needs to be restored.

Different zones of your body can have this low energy.

Inflammation and toxins. Any part of your body can accumulate inflammation and pain will ensue. Cervical, headaches, shoulders, back, limbs, lower and upper abdominal areas resulting in poor assimilation or elimination of food. And even if you eat the perfect food (fresh, organic, good food combining…) your body won’t be properly nourished. 

You will think, ok I will forget my pain, drink an extra glass of wine, or take relaxing meds and everything will be fine. First, this doesn’t solve the problem, but your throat will weaken as a consequence of “bottling things in”. I see that all the time!

With our InnerOptimal program, we will not only make an inventory of the consequences and intensity of your stress or anxiety, the impact on the different areas of your brain, as well as your brain weaknesses with a neuro-electrical assessment, but we will give you wellness recommendations to implement on top of your brain training program which we tailor just for you!

If you are not on one of our programs, or not anymore, give us a call, you will be happy you did it. Life events bring a lot of stress and you need to regain the homeostasis of your brain in case you have lost it, and the Neuroplasticity of your brain will give you the possibility to rebound from any kind of unexpected situation. It is not enough to count on your willpower, inner or social motivation originates from the need to confront yourself, or your ability to exceed your limits. It is not enough and your brain, the survival mode of the brain, can trick you and you will have to fight its first tendencies and this will drain your physical, emotional, and mental energy. You might also experience a tendency to have a pessimistic mind, or/and your energy during the day will be fluctuating and your efficiency won’t be “what it was!”

Don’t suffer any longer, give us a call. Your brain can regenerate itself! At any age, 

– your memory can be strong and accurate

– you can feel empowered and confident

– Sleep well and wake up full of energy,

– Your brain is sharp and quick

– In one word regain a young and vibrant brain again, even if you were not born with one.

Be well, feel good and happy!


Wishing you more happiness, love, joy, and success!

Dr. Danielle

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