Bright Thoughts, Thanks, and Giving!

Fall is in full swing, and the winter season is close with beautiful celebrations that remind us of being even kinder, more giving, and more thankful!


This month we would like to share with you, actions that are taken around the world that make our world a more friendly one. We need to concentrate on the light and hope that it is here. 

Light renders blackness lighter. Imagine that you are in a room full of light, and you open a door going to a dark room. It is not the darkness that will make the light in your room less bright, it is the light that makes the other dark room less dark! Focusing on this principle of physic, let’s focus mainly on the light brought to our world by different people or groups of people. 


1. Dreams of Light

I’m part of the Encinitas Rotary club and among lots of positive actions that are done all around the world, I’d like to share with you the following one.

At the bottom of this message, you will find the link to the trailer for “Dreams of Light/My generation”. This project is handled by young people that are committed to making a change in our world. The Dreams of Light organization plans to bring electricity and electrical light via solar energy to the village of El Nino in the Philippines.

Thanks to these efforts the children who are also needed to work on their family’s farms will also be able to work on their education so that they can strive for a better future. 

Listen to it and if you like this idea spread this video and/or support them at this very special time of the year!


2. Creating water from thin air

Water is one of the big problems we are facing in this new millennium. 

Ap Verheggen, a Dutch artist inventor blending art, science, and technology is now able to Convert humidity into a waterfall! He created a water-harvesting design.

The SunGlacier project started with the idea of building a completely autonomously running glacier in a hot and dry desert, as an icon and proof that mankind can find answers, and solutions, for the consequences of a rapidly changing climate. Because of the urgent drought situation, the focus switched temporarily from making ice to water, and Ap and his team succeeded in designing a new and highly efficient method of condensation. The system can harvest water from the air, powered by sunshine, in even the most hostile environments on this planet. “In this project, my team and I pushed the boundaries of what is technically and scientifically feasible.” Ap. Verheggen

Who is Ap Verheggen? He is an extraordinarily creative artist in a myriad of media. He builds sculptures, designs objects, writes, and produces documentary films. Besides he is the founder and co-owner of SunGlacier Technologies B.V. His projects Cool(E)motion and SunGlacier add value to discussions about climate change.


3. The Future is better than you think!

Peter Diamandis, M.D in 2014 was named one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine. I very much enjoyed his book “Abundance” The Future is better than you think, well documented since the dawn of humanity. “We will soon have the ability to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Abundance for all of us is within our grasp.” Peter Diamandis M.D

He created Singularity University in Silicon Valley, called Singularity “A better future needs better leaders”. 

SU is an interdisciplinary university based on the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley and supported by several corporate founders and partners. The university runs a 10-week Graduate Studies Program, a seven-day Executive Program, and a five-day Exponential Medicine conference. 

2022/23 applications are now open. See the link below.


4. Cleaning our Rivers and Oceans

Finally, to conclude we will take a look at the Interceptor, a technological marvel engineered by The Ocean Cleanup Organization. As it turns out 80% of the trash in the ocean is coming from only 1000 rivers worldwide. 

Most commonly due to the locations being out of the reach of common trash cleanup infrastructure the poor people of these regions have nowhere to put the trash except in the streets and in the rivers. 

Ocean Cleanup managed to create an automated robot ship called the Interceptor that sits at the mouth of these rivers and catches the trash before it reaches the ocean. The Interceptor runs off of solar energy and is entirely independently sustainable. 

Run and operated by local officials the Interceptor collects approximately 220,000 pounds of trash per day. The Ocean Cleanup has already outfitted and placed ten Interceptors in seven countries and continues to aid in riding our oceans of plastics day and night. 

Click on the link below to learn more. 


And if you feel stuck in the tendency to have negative thoughts, do not blame yourself, retrain your brain, call us and with our program, you will see a change! Yes, you can! I see that all day long!

We wish you a great Thanksgiving Month and we thank you for being part of our “community”. 


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