Advanced Brain Training for Happiness & Productivity

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Are you feeling down or exhausted? Have you lost your motivation to work even if you are passionate about what you do? Isn’t it a great feeling to know that you are productive and getting results at work?Your productivity is related to your happiness! If you have lost your motivation, advanced brain training can help you regain your sense of well being.

Advanced Brain Training

Stress and Work

Many studies have shown that distracted people are less productive at work because of time spent checking e-mails, texts, and other notifications. How you handle pressure and stress is the key to managing distraction and becoming more centered in how you deal with the chaos around you.Time, pressure, deadlines, stress due to frustration, and lack of results all increase your adrenaline and cortisol rates.These two hormones are released by your brain to help you handle stress. At first, this will give you a sense of adaptation to the workload. These hormones can create a state of hyper alertness that can be assuaged by constantly “checking” your e-mails, texts, etc.That is when distraction happens!

In the long term, the high rate of cortisol and hyper alert states will impact the “feel good” factors by reducing the rates of serotonin, hormone of sleep, and dopamine, hormone of happiness. Both hormones decrease their output, leading to sleep deprivation, high heart rate, loss of happiness and a feeling of nervousness.

Solution: Advanced Brain Training

You may try to counter the effect of the lack of sleep by drinking coffee or taking pills, or you will even try to release your stress by drinking a bit of alcohol. Unfortunately, this will not address the true cause of your lack of productivity, the stress of your workload, or the distracted behavior you may have recognized in this description.

Addressing your brain function will! An advanced brain training program is a method that will help yourecover your “feel good and happy state”by addressing the underlying reason for distraction and loss of productivity. It will then help you feel fulfilled and allow you to succeed in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Real Life Results

When Lucy came to visit us, she was feeling stressed out due to work deadlines, constant time pressure and general overload. Although she used to like her job, she was feeling frustrated and unhappy. As stress increased, she started to sleep less preventing her from being effective and fully present at her work. Our brain training program helped her relax, take a step back and look at her workload with a clearer mind. She was then able to better organize her daily tasks and release the time pressure. Her need to check her e-mails subsided and she felt less distracted, more focused and fully present with her clients. Before the end of her program, she was already more efficient at work, and able to meet her deadlines with a sense of calmness. She eventually enjoyed the results of her work and recovered the motivation and happiness in her job.

We Can Help

If, like Lucy, you want tofully recover your productivity and your sense of happiness, InnerOptimal Advanced Brain Training program is the solution that will you help you achieve your goals!

Call us now, or click on the button below, to book a complimentary 15-min consultation with Dr. Danielle to learn how to train your brain from the comfort of your home or by visiting our center!

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