Addiction Brain Training Changes Lives

This newsletter addresses a topic that is oftentimes misunderstood: Addiction. While it can be challenging to break an addiction, there are solutions. Addiction brain training can help.

Facts About Addiction

There is recent research and new facts that we hope will help you understand this issue better. Help us spread the word about addiction brain training and the positive impact it has on lives!

First fact: Nearly 23 million Americans (one out of ten) are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

Second fact: Addiction is not caused solely by alcohol and powerful drugs but also by certain pleasurable activities, such as gambling and shopping.

Research in neuroscience has provided some answers that help us understand addictive behaviors. Today, the scientific community recognizes that addiction is a chronic disease that can change the brain structure and function. As described in a Harvard Health article, “like cardiovascular disease damages the heart, addiction hijacks the brain”.

It all starts with the release of dopamine that happens due to the absorption of an addictive substance or due to some pleasurable activities. The brain confuses the release of dopamine with the feeling of pleasure. In addition, the overwhelming release of dopamine forces the brain to modify itself by eliminating neuro-receptors to handle the overload. This is the beginning of a brain restructuration that can lead to addiction.

Addiction Brain Training

Addiction Brain Training

At InnerOptimal, Inc. we know that both chemical and/or electrical changes in the brain can lead to brain structure and function change. The good news is that these brain changes work both ways thanks to the brain’s neuroplasticity! If the brain can modify itself by eliminating neuro-receptors, it can also generate new ones when the proper signal is provided. Scientific studies have shown that neurofeedback brain training can help support people in addiction recovery. A UCLA study showed that neurofeedback brain training can double the success rate of recovery in conjunction with conventional treatment for drug abuse.

At InnerOptimal, Inc. this comes as no surprise because neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help rewire the brain in healthy ways. The “InnerOptimal program helped a lot with dealing with my trauma and allowing my thinking to be rerouted…as a result, I’ve been clean for three years now. Learning how not to react to things on impulse and rerouting my brain has helped a lot to where I can deal with situations in a healthier way. I no longer hate myself, I am living my life feeling confident again” explained a former client.

We Can Help

InnerOptimal, Inc. provides the technological tool to support addiction recovery and we are asking you to spread the word. Do you know anyone who would benefit from neurofeedback brain training?

Addiction brain training can help addicted people do the following:

  • Change reward pathways to reduce reliance on substances
  • Allow the brain to self-correct with a series of safe neurofeedback actions
  • Stay engaged in the present moment
  • Get back to the happy, loving person they want to be
  • Experience increased contemplation, control and self-discipline

For convenience, this Addiction Brain Training can be implemented in the privacy of one’s own home or at our Encinitas Center. This powerful method works well as an additional support system with current treatment methods.
Call InnerOptimal, Inc. at (760) 633-3328 to experience this process!

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