Alpha Wave Development to Reduce Pain

Buddhist practitioners familiar with the working of the mind have long been aware that it can be transformed through training… In a real sense the brain we develop reflects the life we lead.14th Dalai Lama

What if your mind was like a clear water pond, and your thoughts easily accessible without disturbing the surface? In other words, what if you had a mental lightness or calmness in any kind of situation, even when you are extremely busy? What if you had more mental clarity and feeling stress-free with no muscle tension on a regular basis? What if you could easily dissolve any emotional or physical pain with just 30 minutes of relaxation or meditation?

Are you dreaming of being, feeling and acting at your best on a daily basis?

Develop Your Alpha Waves

I would like to recommend you develop your alpha waves. How would you do that? Paying attention, being in the present, is key to a transformed mind. Opening your focus instead of narrowing it provides enormous benefits to the whole mind/body/spirit that we are. Jim Robbins, author of “a Symphony in the Brain” (a great book on the history and practice of neurofeedback) explains the discovery of the relationship between imagining space and alpha wave production.

Try This at Home

Close your eyes and imagine space with the complete absence of images. Immediately Your brain stops working and alpha waves will appear. You could imagine the space between your eyes. I personally love fiction-science, so I can easily imagine space, empty space… Do this exercise many times a day. Ooh, I don’t have the time may you think, so come and visit us. By training your brain with advanced neurofeedback (biofeedback with EEG) we can train your brain to be calmer, clearer, and you’ll discover lighter emotions and lighter thoughts.

People are always admiring how happy I look – and I can assure you I am, as all our clients become with InnerOptimal program.

Real Life Results

Our clients have had their lives changed by developing their alpha waves. Dorothy found that arthritis in her hands disappeared, Sophie that her personality softened, she became more open-minded and her ability to laugh and connect with others increased. David witnessed deeper and more fulfilling communications with his family and with his spouse than ever before.

Neuroscientists discovered more than two decades ago how important it was for the brain to be able to naturally go to the relax mode (which is affected by Alpha Waves) when needed during the day! I like to call it the “breathing of the brain”. In our present society we’ve the tendency to push ourselves too much for too long and then we’re surprised why the brain is not easily ready to go to sleep when we need, or we want. Our brain takes the habit of worrying for everything and anything.

Do you often feel overwhelmed and lose your ability to be joyful? Do you recognize yourself? If so, it is time to take care of yourself. Weprovide services that are not taking time to your already very busy schedule, on the contrary it will add time to it. Ask us how. Call or book online a complimentary appointment.

Dr. Danielle

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