With Spring, life is regaining enthusiasm and new growth. A new cycle begins. We see the return of the multicolor flowers, new leaves bursting from the trees, and the joyful sounds and work of birds and insects. Spring renews our life energy and growth and makes our gardens and activities flourish. This renewal of energy gives us more enthusiasm for our work and tasks.

 At InnerOptimal, Spring is telling us that personal new growth is possible; that our dreams can come true. Do you feel the same?

We welcome this renewal of energy by cleaning and sorting out our houses, or our gardens. Springtime is a great time to eliminate those things that take too much room in our lives, for example, giving away old clothes, stopping any activity that is no longer enjoyed, and beginning a new we like better, or even doing a cleansing diet to replenish the digestive system.

Spring is a great time to take care of your brain. We usually de-clutter our houses. Similarly, we can de-clutter our brains. Getting rid of mental blocks gives us better chances to be at our best. Spring is a time of the year when we can renew ourselves for a happier and a more successful life!


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