Happy LOVE Month to You All!!!

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Do you think that kindness and love can help us go through the biggest “storms” of our lives? At InnerOptimal, we think so. Let’s celebrate love month by spreading joy.

As the storm grows, and we feel so much stress, it is wise to take a moment to remind ourselves that healthy habits help the situation immensely. Eating healthy food, practicing physical exercises and relaxation, and having a good night’s sleep are just a few ways to stay strong during a “storm”.  During a stressful time, take a moment to balance and maintain healthy structure life and routines.  You will be glad you did.

Love Month February Kindness Challenge

Love Month: February

February is the month of the year we celebrate our love to someone. Acts of kindness are valuable to spread around our communities and the planet. As we never know how hard it is for our friends and family to cope with stress, our support and love can offer them an opportunity to be at peace. On this occasion, we thought a LOVE challenge would be a great way to express support, kindness and gratitude to those around us. It is our responsibility to share love and it takes all of us.

The Challenge

Here is the idea for our love month challenge. This easy to do activity is a wonderful way to make someone you care about feel special. This is what we encourage you to do:

  1. Choose someone whom you would like to send a message to.
  2. Describe five qualities you appreciate about this person.
  3. Prepare a message: it can be a video, audio, or a written message in your favorite form, perhaps with an image. Be as creative as you wish.
  4. Write your message on our Facebook page with this title: LOVE challenge by InnerOptimal: name of the person (linked to his or her FB profile), then include your message.
  5. Share your post on the Facebook wall of that person.

It takes courage to share gratitude and love to people. At the end of the month, we will reward the most creative and uplifting message with a gift to you and the recipient of your message.


To keep the momentum of kindness around us, it is good to take some quality time for yourself. Our workshops are a great occasion to acknowledge our need to connect with others and share topics that are important in our lives.

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