Managing Stress to Reduce Heart Disease

At some point in life, we have experienced emotional difficulties. When serious and stressful these difficulties can lead to more serious conditions. Did you know that managing stress can  reduce heart disease?

Managing Stress: Real Life Results

Our client, Mike came to InnerOptimal because he was going through a hard time. Recently retired, he was in the middle of a divorce and trying to sell his house when he had a stroke followed by a heart attack. This challenging time of his life had turned his emotions upside down preventing him from managing stress effectively. He needed help managing stress to reduce heart disease.

Prior those events, he was not at-risk for heart disease and he was in great physical shape. The stress generated by these emotional experiences had been enough strong to cause a stroke and a heart attack.

A recent article describing the link between brain activity and heart disease helps to understand Mike’s medical issue better. A scientific study showed that hyperactivity of the amygdalae, located in the reptilian brain, impacts the bone marrow which in turn affects the arteries causing inflammation. Arterial inflammation is responsible for strokes and heart attacks. The research proves that managing stress to reduce heart disease can be effective.

The reptilian brain is known to be part of the primitive brain and controls the response to fear and anger. The reptilian brain manages the fight or flight response. As Mike was struggling with his family problems, his emotions put his reptilian brain under high stress leading to his stroke and heart attack.

managing stress to reduce heart disease

We Can Help Improve Your Health

InnerOptimal brain training helped him to recover peace of mind and release the stress generated by the life change. Our training gives the client a way to release stress and to make new discoveries on how he can deal with personal stress and anxiety. Our unique combination of brain assessment using a quantum potential measurement, and brain training with NeurOptimal, is a powerful tool to understand and learn how to deal with stress and anxiety. Each person is unique, thus emotional management and behavior are different for each one. The InnerOptimal brain training program is tailored to you and your specific behavior and emotional needs.

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