You already know that going to the gym to exercise can improve your physical fitness. Did you know that you can also exercise your brain to improve your mental fitness? You can boost your brain activity by incorporating several habits into your life. boost your brain activity

What Brain Research Tells Us

Neuroscientists have shown over the past decade that the human brain is plastic. But what does that mean? It means that the brain is flexible, adaptable and constantly capable of learning. More importantly, the right habits and exercises can help you boost your brain activity and enhance its performance!

How to Boost Your Brain Activity

It is entirely possible to boost your brain activity when you have the right tools. Studies show that people enhance brain cognitive function when they engage in 3-D activities. These are actions that involve using both your brain and your body at the same time. Activities such as making art, playing an instrument, participating in physical activities and interacting with others are examples of activities that will help optimize your brain.[1] These kinds of 3-D activities will help increase the neuro-connections and strengthen communication between the different brain areas. This helps boost your brain activity. Learning something new and doing something unfamiliar will also help your brain performance. As researcher Denise Park of the University of Texas, in Dallas, says: “When you are inside your comfort zone, you may be outside of the enhancement zone.” Who does not want to improve their brain and performance?

We Can Help Boost Your Brain

InnerOptimal, Inc is proud to offer activities that will help boost your brain activity! This Spring, we are launching a new series of workshops that will get you out of your comfort zone by doing fun activities. Our first workshop is a great opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day and boost your creativity! We have partnered with Sylviane Collier, an expert in wool felting from Switzerland, to create a workshop that will help you learn something new, activate your creativity, and boost your brain. Join us for this fun and interactive workshop.
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