Brain Training for Relaxation and Calm

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It’s a fact: brain training improves lives. Research has shown that practicing meditation has an effect on the pathways and  structure of the brain. Studies of the brains of Buddhist monks who are known for their consistent and deep practice of meditation have led to fascinating findings. Let’s take a closer look at the research on how brain training is as effective as hours of meditation.

Brain training for relaxation

Benefits of Meditation

Here are a few of the beneficial effects of meditation that have been observed:

  • The neuronal connection was enhanced and experienced practitioners showed high quality of neuroplasticity or flexibility in their brain.
  • Their neocortex (prefrontal brain) was more active and thus it enabled them to feel a greater sense of happiness and focus.
  • The brainwaves patterns showed a stronger connection between the extrinsic portion of their brain (active when focused on external tasks, like playing sports) and the intrinsic network (active when people reflect on themselves and their emotions). This allows experienced practitioners to feel a greater sense of oneness with their environment.
  • Their brain had enhanced memory, learning, consciousness and neuronal coordination.
  • Meditation seemed to change their brain structure, to re-organize the neuronal connections and increase the ability of their brain.

Brain Training for Relaxation

As a non-practitioner of meditation or a beginner in the practice, these results seem out of reach and make us wonder how we can optimize our brain more easily. One solution is technology-enhanced brain training! InnerOptimal, Inc provides a cutting-edge technology program that helps you re-organize and optimize your brain to increase your focus, attention, relaxation state and increase your brain performance. We recently welcomed a client at InnerOptimal, Inc. who has been practicing Tai-Chi and mindfulness meditation for several years on a regular basis. She has kindly agreed to share her experience with us.

Real Life Results

“I have been a Tai Chi practitioner for about ten years and I started to practice meditation about five years ago. I came to InnerOptimal, Inc during a very stressful time in my life. Although my regular practice was helping me, I felt stuck. I reached out to Dr. Danielle and Marie-Laure to learn more and see how their brain training program could help me. I did a full program and it has helped me tremendously! It brought me peace, better relaxation and a sense of presence that feels innate. The deep cleaning and optimizing process of the brain is exceptional. We all carry traumas consciously or unconsciously and witnessing the changes that occurred was incredible. 30 minutes of brain training feels like a full night of deep rest or several hours of meditation. It has helped me strengthen the mind-body connection and I saw the effect on my practice. I am now able to more easily regulate my anxiety and stress, and it has increased my ability to let go. I feel better focused and I am more efficient at work. A full brain training program has helped me reach a higher level and I continue my brain training once a month or so to deepen the cleaning and help my brain adapt more easily to what comes every day!” A.C.

We Can Help

Optimizing your brain may be easier than you think after all! InnerOptimal, Inc brain training program can help restore balance and harmony in your brain, enhance your neuroplasticity so you can feel better focused and more easily manage stress. If like A. C. you would like to experience our services, call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more!

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