ADHD – You can overcome it!

6.1 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD by the National Survey for Children Health. Most of them, are children aged 12–17 years. Officially, boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls. Research, however, suggests that ADHD affects a greater number of girls than typically and traditionally reported.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 6 in 10 children with ADHD also have other disorders such as behavior or anxiety. Other conditions affecting children with ADHD are depression, autism spectrum disorder, and Tourette syndrome.

What about adults?

ADHD profoundly affects both children and adults.

What do people usually do when they suffer from ADHD?

When people take excess medication, we all know this has side effects, among them le most common are sleep problems, decreased appetite, delayed growth, headaches and stomachaches, rebound (irritability when the medication wears off), tics, moodiness, and irritability.

On the long term the side effects and risks are: Heart disease · High blood pressure · Seizure · Irregular heartbeat · Abuse and addiction · Skin discoloration. Articles on ADHD Medications Side Effects, Mar 18, 2019.

Another tip to reduce your ADHD.  When I was at my Holistic Healing Center in France one of the tips I gave people with ADHD was practicing observation.

Yes! If you take the time to observe, instead of being on your phone or in your anxiety feelings, mulling about “thoughts of yesterday” or wondering what might happen… etc., you are not observing what is happening around you. Let me ask you a simple question: if you have a significant other, do you remember the color he or she was wearing this morning? Probably no! Are you noticing new shops opening on your way home? Are you noticing the mood your friend or assistant is in? Is he/she sad or happy? If you live alone, close your eyes, and try to remember the decoration of your home, or office. I guess your memory will be shallow! When you eat, focus on what you eat and relax, when you drive notice changing around you! You are at a traffic light or stop in traffic, are you observing people around you? It is extremely important to notice without judgment! Just for the sake of being present in the moment. If you train your brain to be “in the present” the rewards you will gain are surprising! Not being in the present, neglecting it, creates an obstacle to your success and happiness! I had one of my most interesting spiritual experiences focusing on the dishes I was washing in my kitchen… The more you will train yourself, the better focused you will become!

More good news! Neurofeedback research shows that Neurofeedback should be considered as a viable alternative to getting more focus. From our 15 years of experience, we witnessed how efficient Neurofeedback is in helping to overcome ADHD. Listen to the multiple testimonials you will find on our website; it is encouraging and promising! Success is close!

A beautiful story: one day a 35-year-old man came to our Center, he was bringing to us his mom who was a cancer survivor and had gone under chemo treatment. He told me: “I believe in Neurofeedback, my mom, who is an M.D. made me do Neurofeedback brain training for my ADHD. This is more than 15 years ago, and my ADHD never came back! I know you can help her with her cognitive impairment”.

ADHD can be a curse, but it can be a blessing! If you suffer from ADHD, usually you are smart, have lots of creative ideas but if you do not have somebody by your side to implement your ideas and follow up you might end being all over the place, achieving very little.

You can do Brain Peak Performance/Brain training from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you are, if you travel a lot or are always “on-the-go”. You can as well, if you prefer, come to our Center in Encinitas. Call us 760.633.3328 or book your complementary consultation online:”.

You deserve the best!

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