Relationships – Traumas and brain patterns

You are the magnet that draws Relationships into your life, intimate relationships, friends, co-workers, your boss, your associates, or business partners. Anybody you are in relationship with, YOU are the magnet, YOU attract them to you. And your judgments, the way you see them, the way you feel them, the way you interact with them is also the glue that holds them together.

How can we help you with Advanced neurofeedback to clean the traumas and heal the wounds that are in your hearts and make you think or feel a certain way?

It is amazing how we keep the memory of the events that we do not have any more conscious reactions or conscious negative feelings about.

All my clients that either are in need to change something in their relationships or because they were feeling lonely and are dreaming of attracting the perfect intimate relationship, are successful!

Let me give you one example.

Mike had been sent to us because of his alcohol addiction by a psychologist, who was helping him. With our brain training program, the brain decided to get rid of the addiction first, but he was sad still because he was feeling unfulfilled because of his loneliness.

After a certain period of time of brain trainings, Mike told me “I had an intimate relationship that was not working for me; a month ago I’ve been able to put an end to it. Today I’m going skiing with a new date who seems to be the perfect soul mate I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Mike has everything you might think should make him happy. But his relationship history has been a failure until he came to us. Mike has enough money coming from his parents, to live without working. When he came back from his skiing, he told me “yes, definitely I have found the perfect person that I had always dreamed for.”

This happened few years ago and Mike is now happily married.

How does it work? How your traumas just fade away? This is a shift in your consciousness, this is a fact that you do not need to judge people anymore because you are not impacted anymore by a certain type of behavior that made you react before.  With our brain training program, you regain your ability to “let go” and by letting go you are able to bring new feelings in your heart, even before you can be aware of this change in your “energy field” and you attract different people who will make your life fulfilled.

If you are interested by changing something in your relationship, do not hesitate, neurofeedback is a beautiful tool that helps you shift your consciousness.

Of course, you can do it on your own, but from my own experience it takes longer time and might be more difficult. If you do not have much time, you do not want to change your schedule but want and need to change things in your life, neurofeedback sessions are your answer! As I always say, “Advanced neurofeedback brain training is for busy people, it’s a shortcut to arrive to the destination you deserve.” You can believe me, my preferred subject when I studied Naturopathy in France was psycho-somatic (psycho-traumas) and I have helped thousands of people my whole life!

You can do Brain Peak Performance/Brain training from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you are, if you travel a lot or are always “on-the-go”. You can as well, if you prefer, come to our Center in Encinitas. Call us 760.633.3328 or book your complementary consultation online:”.

You deserve the best!

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