Using Your Creative Mind for What Matters to You

My students were scattered in different towns of the SW of France and they asked me if I could organize a seminar where they would all be together and meet each other. I started to think of creating a Retreat Center, but I had no money to realize my dream. A friend of mine presented me to somebody who was interested in my project and he asked me to draw the plan (of the Retreat Center) and give him a financial budget of the first year of activity.

I worked on it for a couple of months and when we were supposed to start, we hit a disagreement. I wanted this Retreat Center in the SW of France and open to anyone, he wanted it for well-known movie stars in Scotland. Scotland was the fashion at the time… So we decided to separate but I couldn’t give up this project so easily, even after this great disappointment!

Because everything was planned in my mind and I was so excited to be able to do it, guess what?

First, I received enough money from my mom for the down payment.

Second, as I had previously just stopped working, I was offered a 4 month lucrative job contract which would allow me to get a loan from the bank (Credit does not work the way it does here.) To receive a loan from the bank, you need to be able to produce a minimum of a 3 months payroll.

Third, Somebody I barely knew at the time, introduced me to his father-in-law who was selling a farm with few acres of land, very close to the big city where I was living, called Toulouse.

Fourth, I found a very reasonable General Contractor to help us remodel the farm. I did the remodeling plans myself, I didn’t like the one provided by the architect and with the help of friends and students, we made it a beautiful retreat center, close enough from the city to regularly attract new people, and in the countryside to have peaceful retreats.

More and more miracles happened to help us with the creation and startup of this Retreat Center of 26 bedrooms, a great meeting room, a meditation room, a library room, a great kitchen… and few acres where we planted one hundred and twenty fruit trees and had a big bio-dynamic vegetable garden.

How did this happen with our small budget? How does it work?

We do the same thing in our life experience as the artist. Both as individuals and together, we share our inner-life creations as a never-ending cycle of moments.

Just as artists refine an image until it is exactly right in their minds, in many respects it appears we do the same thing with our life experiences. You create with the power of your mind. Others, particularly loved ones, will receive (consciously or unconsciously) this creation and will act to make it happen!

Think of yourself as perpetual artists, built your creation until it is manifested in this physical world. Persevere until you are satisfied with it. Focus not on the “how” it will happen, but the ending of the project.

Using this possibility intentionally and creatively will empower you to alter everything in your life and maybe more importantly, about the way you see your role in the universe. This suggests that there is much more to life than chance happenings and occasional synchronicity that we deal with the best we can.

I would like to recommend you meditate/focus on the following truth:

  • A mental image is NOT enough!
  • Feeling is the language that “speaks” to the Universe.
  • Feel as though your goal is already accomplished and your prayer is already answered!

To Your Health and Success!

Dr. Danielle

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