Mood Symptoms and Advanced Neurofeedback

All our emotions behave similarly.

  • Anxiety ebbs and flows
  • Frustrationenters and leaves
  • Feararises and subsides
  • Sadnesscomes and goes
  • Hurteventually heals
  • DespairFloats into awareness, then diminishes… All are transitory!

The knowledge that all things pass sometimes is enough for healing.BUTif emotions and symptoms continue, neurofeedback sessions provide the solution!

How do our emotions affect us?

Christina came to us because she was experiencing anxiety for “no apparent reasons”, she told us. “My husband is a nice person, my kids are in good health and doing well, my work is doing fairly well but I experience no joy, no fulfillment, always focusing on what disaster might occur! The unknown is frightening me to death!”

Christina enrolled in our brain training program and after 15 sessions she was surprised to start to experience joy, waking up in the morning refreshed and happy for the day ahead. No specific memory came up but for sure her conscious and subconscious mind was cleared of hurts and despairs and the anxiety simply disappeared. At the end of her program, she was enthusiastic again, full of wonderful ideas to spread happiness and joy around her. There were no more “threats” but only challenges that she was happy to overcome and learn from.

Andrea, who came with the same kind of mood as Christina, with the brain training remembered how she had been abused by her parents and how she was always afraid that her mom would voluntarily end her life. Consequently, as an adult, she was always expecting the worst in every situation. Fear would simply take over in situations such as her teenage son not arriving home by 10 PM as promised, or when her daughter would walk home from middle school being afraid she would be abused or kidnapped, even though her house was in front of the middle school, and so on… With brain training, she could release the emotional impact of the traumas she went through as a young person and find peace, joy, and happiness. “You gave me my life back,” she said to us.

The link we often don’t make is when our brain becomes unbalanced as a consequence of life’s events (events we remember or not), this has an impact on our mood, our joy, our choices and our successes in our lives and relationships.

a happy emotion myoptimalbrain

The good news is we can help!

Neurofeedback is not well understood. But people are now discovering the many benefits of Advanced Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback sessions provide something better than hope! More and more statistics confirm this affirmation – just look online!

You will experience benefits on many levels, including physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. You will become aware of positive changes even during your first month of “Brain Peak Performance Training.”

Advanced neurofeedback sessions can be done at our Center – and we follow strict rules for everyone’s protection. Alternatively, sessions can also be done from the comfort of your home.

Come and benefit from our special and discover where your brain is at and what needs to be done to become your best ever! Call us at 760.633.3328 or book your complimentary appointment online using the link below. It is time to free you from emotional pain!

We will get out of this altogether, and we will get out stronger!

To Your Health and Success!

Dr. Danielle

* If you are curious, you’ll find research online, 17 July 2019 US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health “Current status of Neurofeedback for PTSD.”

“In our research, we have shown that neurofeedback can help traumatized children and adults who are grossly disorganized after having been abused and /or neglected to normalize their brain waves so that they can manage their emotions, pay attention and stay focused on playing, learning, making friends and pursuing goals …”

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