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The general belief is that love is an intense emotional condition, combining physical attraction, possessiveness, control, addiction, and novelty. This type of love is fragile and fluctuating. When this kind of love is frustrated, it often reveals underlying anger and dependency, and that love can turn to hate is a common perception. There might have never been actual love in such a relationship for hate stems from pride and not love.

Let’s think a little about what some philosophers and researchers say.

Today we have measured from 0 to 1000 our different types of emotions. Let’s have a look at it.

Love is at the energy level of 500. This love is unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. It doesn’t fluctuate and is not dependent on external factors. Loving becomes a state of being! It is a forgiving, nurturing, and supportive way of relating to the world.

Joy is at the energy level of 540. When love becomes more and more unconditional, it begins to be experienced as inner Joy. This level is the domain of advanced spiritual students and healers. Patience and persistence of a positive attitude even in the face of prolonged adversity is the characteristic of this energy field; it is the hallmark of compassion.

Peace is the energy field of 600 and Enlightenment of 700-1,000. In our today’s world, we have some of these great spiritual beings that vibrate at this level. I won’t give any name to not forget one of them. Of course, they are rare, but we are blessed to have met or heard of more than one of them!

The other levels of human consciousness are:

20 is shame, 30 guilt, 50 apathy, 75 grief, which is sadness, loss, and dependency. And most of us have experienced it for periods of time but the goal is NOT to remain at this level. Those who remain at this level live a life of constant regret and depression. InnerOptimal program has helped many of them! 100 energy level is fear, and we know the role of media and advertising to increase market shares! Remember that fear is at limitless as your imagination. Here again, the InnerOptimal program can help! 125 is the energy level of Desire. Desire is a higher level than grief or apathy because in order to “get” you first have to “want”. Here again, in our society TV has a major influence. But, desire can become a springboard to yet higher levels of awareness! 150 is anger and 175 is pride 200 is courage and 250 is neutrality, 310 is willingness and 350 is acceptance400 is reason and 500 is love!

From these measurements of the level of consciousness, it is interesting to know that on this scale there are two critical levels that allow for major advancement.

The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment. Here we stop blaming and accept responsibility for our own actions, feelings. We won’t have this feeling of powerless mode and victimhood!

The second is 500 which is reached by accepting love and nonjudgmental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events, without exception

To help facilitate this upward movement in consciousness is an attitude of willingness, which opens up the mind. Here again, InnerOptimal programs can help you erase the emotional impact of traumas, PTSD to help you succeed more easily.

It is uplifting to meditate on the fact that external events may define conditions, but they don’t determine the consciousness level of human response. Here reside our Freedom!

Next time we can expand on this subject if it is of interest to you and we will correlate these energy fields to the classical chakra system recognized by many spiritual disciplines. We will as well expand more on that a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts. For example, twelve individuals at level 700 equal one avatar at 1,000. And one individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200! So, the energy of loving thoughts is enormously more powerful than that of a negative one!  

It is interesting to know that the level of human consciousness is finally above 200! So we know, and a lot of us are witnessing and expecting a great transformation of our human culture! Enough of us have become more responsible, and fully accountable. Humanity is no longer resigned to passively paying the price of ignorance. From this time forth on we can choose to no longer be enslaved by darkness, our destiny can then be certain! 

By taking responsibility for the consequence of our own perceptions, we can transcend the role of victim to an understanding that nothing out there has power over us!

Let’s together create a month of love and then expand this feeling to the year and beyond!

Happy Saint Valentine month!

Dr. Danielle, Marie-Laure, and InnerOptimal Team

If you want to know more on this subject, I’d recommend you read Power Vs Force. These calibrations are the result of research that has been ongoing for decades by Dr. David Hawkins. 


Dr. Danielle

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