How Do You Handle the Stress of the Holiday Season?

Holidays can be stressful for a lot of us. How do you handle the stress of the holiday season?

stress of the holiday season

Who has not struggled between holiday gift preparation, receiving and accommodating family members or friends, and taking care of the children while school is off? Rather than enjoying the season of fun with family and friends, often we have a long list of duties, and stress follows.

Managing the Stress of the Holiday Season

Matt and Kari came to InnerOptimal as they knew this holiday season would be stressful. A young couple, just starting their family life, they were already struggling trying to juggle responsibility to both their families. They had to plan their holidays carefully, traveling out of state to meet everyone. It’s not always easy to please everyone.

Once they started our program, they experienced peace and calm even during stressful situations. They were able to sleep and rest instead of thinking over and over about what they could have done differently. Eventually they developed new patterns of thinking and behavior, and holidays became a joyful time with their families.

How do you Handle your Holiday Stress?

The situational stress of the holiday season is very difficult to handle. Because we work so hard to please, welcome and enjoy these moments, we look for perfection and the guilt builds up to reach a high stress level when things go wrong or don’t follow our plans.

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How do you do when you have to juggle with your kids, parents, and the need to accommodate everyone? Ho do you stress of the holiday season?

Share your comments below.

How do you make things go smoothly and easier when it comes to prepare family meals? I am sure some of you have very creative ideas to make holidays enjoyable for everyone. Please share your tips with all of us.

Happy Holidays!!

Your InnerOptimal Team

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