Denise Mueller-Korenek set the record for the World’s fastest human on a paced bicycle at 183.93 mph on September 16th, 2018! She used brain training to achieve her goal.


While CEO of Rancho Santa Fe Security, and a mother of three kids, she decided at the age of 45, after reconnecting with her former coach John Howard to pursue the goal to become the World’s fastest woman on a paced bicycle. John trained Denise over 23 years ago when she was 15 times the USA National Cycling Champion. As John tells us, “Denise loves speed – endurance does not suit her well.” This year, she proved him right again, setting the record for the World’s fastest human being on a paced bicycle at 183.93 mph. Her story shows the importance of brain training to achieve goals.

How She Used Brain Training to Meet Her Goals

Denise met Dr Danielle, co-founder of InnerOptimal, Inc., for the first time in 2016, while preparing for her first paced bicycle competition. Since then her brain training at InnerOptimal, Inc. has been part of her preparation and routine. We could not be prouder to support her endeavors. Denise came to visit us because she understood that performance is also a mindset. Training her brain to stay strong and focused while she pushed the limit of her body was key!

Photo: Dr Danielle Chavalarias and Denise Mueller-Korenek (from left to right) in August 2018 at InnerOptimal, Inc. Peak Performance Center.

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Brain Training to Manage Anxiety

Even though her preparation with her coach was going well, pressure and stress started to build up as the World of Speed event approached, to the point that anxiety was hindering her training. After a few sessions of neurofeedback, she was already feeling calmer and able to manage her stress more easily. Neurofeedback is a key component of utilizing brain training to achieve goals.

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The brain training not only helped her performance preparation but it also strongly benefited her personal and professional life. She experienced better focus in all areas. As she suffers from ADHD, the ability to concentrate, focus and keep her attention on her tasks increased a lot thanks to her brain training. The relaxed state that she experienced during each session allowed her to visualize her goal and prepared her mind and mental strength to push her limit as far as possible.

With her consistent mental focus and physical training, she broke the first record of the World’s fastest woman on a paced bicycle at 147.7 mph in September 2016. Still behind the men’s record, she decided to come back to Bonneville Salt Flats in 2018 using the original and restored dragster used in 1995 by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg, who set the previous speed record of 167 mph.

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Photo by Matt Ben Stone: Denise Mueller-Korenek holding the result of her run provided by the official timing station.

The Result

After many challenges along the way, but keeping the best spirit, a positive mind and a strong will, she not only achieved her goal of exceeding 170 mph but outpaced the World record by over 17 mph setting the new record of 183.93 mph. In addition to her physical training, brain training played a large part in achieving her goals.

Denise Mueller-Korenek is a true inspiration showing us that anything is possible. We can push our performance beyond what we think is possible.

As Denise explains us “I really attribute a lot of the physical training obviously to prepare for something like this but in order to put yourself out there, take the inherent risk and be able to push yourself to those limits, I want to say thank you to InnerOptimal, Inc. for the wonderful brain training that prepared me on a mental standpoint in order to accomplish and push the limits to be able to set this awesome goal!”

Our Brain Training to Achieve Goals Can Help You Succeed

At InnerOptimal, Inc. we have helped many athletes and sport enthusiasts willing to achieve higher performance or wanting to recover from brain traumas.

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Watch Denise Mueller-Korenek’s testimonial explaining how her brain training at InnerOptimal, Inc. helped her.
Featured photo at the top by Matt Ben Stone Left Photo: The Project Speed Team with John Howard, Denise Mueller-Korenek and Shea Holbrook (from left to right) Right Photo: Dragster used by Denise Mueller-Korenek to break the World record
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