Let Go of the Old Story and Start Anew!

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Vickie was feeling hopeless and full of anger when thinking of the Holiday Season, and particularly New Year’s Eve December 2019 which she had to spend with her family in New York. She had broken the relationship with one of her sisters and every time she thought about meeting her at a family reunion, she felt a surge of anger. We created a specific neurofeedback program to help her overcome her hurts and traumas. During one of her sessions, she experienced a memory of past events when she was a child, playing and laughing with her sister and particularly one moment when they both committed to always helping and supporting each other. She had totally forgotten this childhood vow! She was telling me: “This was my sibling who I was most connected to and I loved the most, what happened to us?”

Keep your peace of mind and loving heart

Thinking of New Year’s Eve approaching she was extremely surprised that she was able to keep her peace of mind and loving heart. Before taking her plane ticket, she decided to call her sister directly and she reminded her of these playful moments and their childhood vow and she said: ”Whatever happened between us I still love you, I want to support you and re-link these beautiful moments we had in our childhood.” They both cried on the phone and acknowledged their love! Needless to say, New Year’s Eve in New York with the whole family was one of the best yet! Even after all these years of tension!

A piece of wisdom

Vickie’s story reminds me of a parable that I recently read. It’s about two monks who were preparing to cross a river with a powerful current. A nearby woman also wished to cross the river, but she was afraid to do so because of the power of the water current. One of the monks picked up this woman and put her on his shoulders, and he and the other monk safely crossed to the other side. He put the woman down, she went on her way, and so did the two monks.

After a while, the younger monk said to the other: “I can’t believe that you carried that woman across the river. You put her on your shoulders. This is against our values and beliefs; It is against our vows! We are not allowed to touch women. How could you do something like that?”

The older wise monk replied: “I put the woman down as soon as we crossed the river. You are still carrying her.”

We can all be this wise

Don’t we all do this every day? After we finish with our tasks and problems, we still don’t put them down and let go and have a restful evening and night? How often do we stay awake at night mulling over our challenges or frustrations? Why don’t we simply open our hearts to what is coming our way in our life, knowing that we’ll receive the help and support if we just fill the air with our love and thankful thoughts for the lessons we are learning or spiritual muscles we are developing?

Happy New Year and Merry Holiday Season!

For me, this holiday season is the renewal of the light, whatever your belief system. The winter solstice is the time when the night is the longest and the beginning of the light renewal starts. From that point, days will start to get longer and longer until the Summer Solstice when the day is the longest and the night the shortest.

Do not let the darkness blind you, open your heart, and see to whom you could express your kindness or love to brighten their day. This is a healing energy that will benefit the world.

May our experience of COVID 19 be an experience of the past and may 2021 be a healthy, prosperous new beginning for us all!

With a loving heart,

Dr. Danielle

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