ADHD is a complex issue and as October is ADHD awareness month, we decided to share information about it.

It’s estimated than over 6 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the US. When we talk about ADHD, we always think about children. However, it’s important to clarify a few points, especially during ADHD awareness month:

  • ADHD can affect children and adults
  • Women and men can be affected equally, although males are almost three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than females.
This gender gap is mostly due to the fact that symptoms of ADHD show up differently for girls and boys. For example, impulsivity is a symptom usually and easily recognized in boys while in girls it may be seen as chatty. It is also true that adults may live unaware of their ADHD condition until stress triggers real issues.
how to reprogram your brain

ADHD is a neurobiological disorder.

This means that an ADHD brain is wired differently and it affects people’s behavior. Adults may go undiagnosed because they have been able to adopt coping mechanisms to succeed in their career and life. For example, they have put in place methods to stay super organized, or they may exhibit a behavior of perfectionism. It is our hope that during ADHD awareness month people might recognize some of these traits in themselves and realize that treatment options are available.

Unfortunately, life events and a constant juggle between children, career, marriage and friends will increase their stress level. Stress is like fuel for an ADHD brain.

As Carol explained us during her first visit to InnerOptimal, Inc. she had become very anxious about everything, and was not able to remember anything anymore. Suddenly, it had become very difficult for her to perform well at work, doubting herself and loosing self-confidence.

Like Carol, 80% of ADHD people have at least one co-existing condition, such as anxiety, mood disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. As awareness increases about ADHD, more people are seeking treatment.

After a few sessions of brain training, Carol felt more relaxed. Her anxiety level dropped as her training program advanced and she was able to focus better.

reprogramming your brain
When you come to InnerOptimal, Inc. we provide an assessment of your mental, emotional and physical level. Using BeFlow, a Quantic Potential Measurement system, we were able to assess what physical and mental activities are the best fit for Carol’s brain and body. The brain training which helped her relax and “re-wired” her brain, combined with our recommendations, enabled Carol to put in practice our advice and make wiser choices which led to restoration of balance in her life.

An ADHD brain is wired differently

But like any other brain, it can also be optimized and re-wired to perform at a higher level, restoring and enhancing performance. A brain training is life-changing, with lasting results. During ADHD awareness month, and hopefully year round, we hope that more people will realize that treatment is available for this common condition.

We offer a discovery session for $185 (instead of $295) to our newsletter’s readers. Visit us to learn more about your brain and how to optimize it. Call us now at 760-633-3328 to book your appointment!
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