October is ADHD awareness month

October is ADHD awareness month

ADHD is a complex issue and as October is ADHD awareness month, we decided to share information about it. It's estimated than over 6 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the US. When we talk about ADHD, we always think about children. However, it's...

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Spring Renewal

With Spring, life is regaining enthusiasm and new growth. A new cycle begins. We see the return of the multicolor flowers, new leaves bursting from the trees, and the joyful sounds and work of birds and insects. Spring renews our life energy and growth and makes our...

Happy LOVE month to you all!!!

Do you think that kindness and love can help us go through the biggest “storms” of our lives? At InnerOptimal, we do. As the storm grows, and we feel so much stress, it is wise to take a moment to remind ourselves that healthy habits help the situation immensely....

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