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nik-shuliahin-BuNWp1bL0nc-unsplash Stress

Reduce Stress with These Five Tips

We all know the negative effects stress can have on people, from headaches to heart attacks. It is critical that we learn how to reduce …

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io-sleep-quote Sleep Problems

Sleep Well to Be Happy and Improve Health!

Have you meditated on this last quote we gave you to help you sleep well? ” We are such stuff as dreams are made of; …

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girl-1733352_1280 Sleep Problems

Sleep Better By Changing Your Bedroom

Today I’d like you to think about what can be improved in your bedroom to help you sleep better and awaken refreshed! Look at your …

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brain-waves Sleep Problems

Sleep Patterns: “Sleep is the Best Meditation”

What do we do when we sleep? Our brain regenerate itself and our physical body as well, it’s the reason why we wake up full …

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